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Today Is a Big Day for Me!

Today Is a Big Day for Me!

Warning: Blatant self-promotion to follow. You’ve been warned!

Yesterday was my birthday, so I’m very happy that today is the release date for the paperback of Better Than Before. A wonderful kind of birthday marker.

I'm so lucky. Every book I write has been absolutely fascinating to me. I mean, that's why I've picked these subjects! When I choose a subject, I have to expect that I'll be happy to think about it, constantly, for years.

And I've been lucky, too, with the last several books, the way they've led naturally to each other. The Happiness Project -- what a joy to write. Then I went deeper into happiness, with Happier at Home. Ah, how I loved writing that book.

And all that thinking about happiness made me eager to understand the crucial role that habits can play in allowing us to make our lives better than before -- happier, healthier, and more productive. And I loved writing Better Than Before so much -- though I do think that of all my books, it was the toughest to write, because of the sheer mass of material to organize and analyze and perceive and present. And I say that as someone who wrote a biography of Winston Churchill.

If you want to change your habits, you have to know yourself.

This is the essential point about habits that I identified in  Better Than Before. 

You have to change your habits in the way that's right for you. This is the secret. This is the answer. This is the key to habit change! And in Better Than Before, I explain how to do that -- how to understand yourself and act on that understanding.

It's very exciting for me when my book goes out into the world for the first time, because I love hearing from readers. And it's great when the paperback comes out, because there's a second wave of response. Plus many people prefer to buy paperbacks, so there are even more readers.

After reading the book, many people write to ask for the "starter kit" for Better Than Before Habit Change Group. For many people (i.e., Obligers), accountability is a crucial element of habit change, and being in a group is a great way to create accountability. If you'd like to get the starter kit, request it here.

Many of my readers have written that they want to buy Better Than Before to show their support—a “thank you” for everything I do for free, like this blog, and the podcastThis is an impulse that I very much appreciate.

Sidenote: with Better Than Before, it's interesting -- so many people have mentioned how much they've marked up their copies. When I love a book, I mark up it up a lot myself, so it's great to hear that other people are inspired to do the same with this book.

If you’re thinking, “Yes! I’m intrigued! But, Gretchen, how can I learn more about Better Than Before?” well, you’re in luck. You can…

read the opening chapter

listen to a clip from the audio-book (yes, that's me reading)

download the one-page book-club discussion guide, or the guide for spirituality book clubs, Bible study groups, and the like; or the guide for people at work.

-- download the one-page guides for Exercising Better Than Before; Eating Better Than Before; Working Better Than Before; and (my personal favorite) Reading Better Than Before.

Thank you as always, dear readers, for your enthusiasm, ideas, and support. You make me very happy. 

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