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Revealed! Books for June: a Talented Spider, an Unusual Perspective, and Health Hijinks.

Revealed! Books for June: a Talented Spider, an Unusual Perspective, and Health Hijinks.

Because nothing boosts happiness more than a great book, each month, I suggest:

— one outstanding book about happiness or habits or human nature

— one outstanding work of children’s or young-adult literature–I have a crazy passion for kidlit

— one eccentric pick–a widely admired and excellent book that I love, yes, but one that may not appeal to everyone

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For all the books I choose, I love them; I’ve read most of them at least twice if not many times; and they’re widely admired.

Now, for the three book-club choices. Drumroll…

A book about happiness, good habits, or human nature:

Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection by A. J. Jacobs

This book contains a lot of very helpful information about how to be healthier -- and it's also hilarious and absurd. It's a very fun way to learn about various ideas and trends in health. If you want to get healthier this summer, Drop Dead Healthy will inspire you. I think about this book just about every time I wash my hands or eat kale.

Buy from IndieBound;; Amazon.

An outstanding children’s book:

Charlotte's Web by E. B. White

I'm staggered to realize that I haven't yet suggested one of the towering classics of children's literature, the immortal Charlotte's Web. It's an extraordinary book, from the very first, unforgettable first line: "'Where's Papa going with that ax?' said Fern." Terrific characters, like Charlotte, Fern, Wilbur, and of course Templeton the Rat. Gorgeous, profound, but be warned, it's also sad...when this book was read to me as a child, I cried for two days. But beautiful tears.

Buy from IndieBound;; Amazon.

An eccentric pick:

Thinking in Pictures: and Other Reports from My Life with Autism by Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is an eminent animal scientist, and she also lectures widely on her experience with autism. Grandin provides an absolutely fascinating look into how she sees the world differently from non-autistic people, and how grappling with those differences has influenced her work and her life.

Buy from IndieBound;; Amazon.

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If you have any great suggestions for summer reading, or books about children going off to college, send them my way.

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