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Pre-order “The Four Tendencies” and Get Access Now to the 5-Part Video Series

Pre-order “The Four Tendencies” and Get Access Now to the 5-Part Video Series

I have exciting news (at least, it's exciting for me).

To thank readers who pre-order The Four Tendencies, I worked with a great production team to create a 5-part videos series. Together, these five videos provide a great overview of how to apply the framework: the first video explains the framework, and four subject videos explain how to apply the Four Tendencies at work, in a relationship, with a child or student, and in health-care.

After the book comes out, I’ll start charging for this video series. If you’d like to watch the videos for free, pre-order the book now.

I wanted to create a bonus for loyal readers, and also, I keep hearing from readers and listeners who have questions—and who need an answer right away, before the book comes out!

These videos will help you to start harnessing the power of the Four Tendencies immediately. I explain how to harness the strengths—and manage the weaknesses—of each Tendency, whether at work, in relationships, as a parent or teacher, or as a health-care provider. 

Of course, the book goes into issues in much greater depth, but instant gratification has its own satisfactions. If you pre-order, you get immediate access to all five videos.

What’s struck me, as I’ve talked endlessly to people about the Four Tendencies, is how broadly applicable they are. People use the framework in every stage of life, and in so many different roles. And the four types are so obvious. Once you know the framework, you spot the Four Tendencies all around you.

So… Upholders, do your thing.

Questioners, it’s more efficient and cost-effective to pre-order now—you get the book immediately upon publication, and you get valuable video information for free, immediately.

Obligers, you really do help me if you pre-order now; it gives a big boost to my book. And I’ll know if you pre-order! To show how much I appreciate your taking the time and energy to help me, I’ve created a free bonus for you with these five videos.

Rebels, it’s up to you. If you have the time and the inclination, if you think it would be interesting, or would help you do what you want, you can pre-order and get the videos. Or you can decide later, and pay to watch the videos. Or ignore the videos, maybe you don’t like to watch videos. Whatever works for you.

Click here to pre-order and get access the bonus video series


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