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Agree? “Not Everybody Is Looking for an Easy, Fun Job.”

Agree? “Not Everybody Is Looking for an Easy, Fun Job.”

Chuck Palahniuk wrote a piece about life on a Navy submarine. As he was leaving the sub, an officer asked him to write a good piece; fewer and fewer people saw the value in the kind of service he valued most. Palahniuk writes:

I saw the value. I admire those people and the job they do.

But by hiding the hardships they endure, it seems the Navy cheats these men out of the greater part of their glory. By trying to make the job seem fun and no-big-deal, the Navy may be repelling the people who want this kind of challenge.

Not everybody is looking for an easy, fun job.

Chuck Palahniuk, “The People Can,” Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories

I'm haunted by this last line. I agree: I suspect that sometimes, when we try to convince people to undertake a certain job, activity, or aim as pleasant and fun (or even manageable), we might dissuade people who might otherwise be interested.

Not everybody is looking for a fun, easy job.

Agree, disagree? Can you think of examples about yourself or someone else, when a person was attracted to a difficult, arduous task?

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