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My 2019 Book Tour

My 2019 Book Tour

Outer Order, Inner Calm is about to hit the shelves! And that means I’m about to go on a book tour. I love getting the chance to see readers, listeners, and viewers face to face.

Please note that most events require a ticket. Details and ticket links for my 2019 book tour are here. (If you have questions about an event, such as when tickets will go on sale, ask the event organizers; they're in charge of those issues.)

My favorite part of touring is the question-and-answer sessions, because people’s questions give me a lot of ideas and insights into people’s concerns.

In fact, I wrote The Four Tendencies book in large part because whenever I spoke about Better Than Before, even though I was highlighting the most interesting ideas about habit-formation, most people asked questions about the Four Tendencies framework.

Similarly, when I was touring for The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, and even Better Than Before, I noticed how energized people became during any discussion of outer order. Any time the subject came up, people laughed, talked among themselves, and were clearly interested. The fact is, for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm, and any time the subject arose, people wanted to hear more. So—I wanted to write a book about it. And now it's time to take it on the road!

During previous book tours, for reasons that are mysterious to me, I’ve spent a lot of my hotel time watching HGTV shows. I do love a before-and-after, and while I never watch these programs at home, I couldn’t get enough of them on the road.

But as I said in my “19 for 2019,” I’ve pledged that for this tour, I’m going to keep the TV turned off and read children’s and young-adult literature instead. I’ll get a lot of great reading time that way. If you have any book suggestions, send them my way. (I just discovered Peter Dickinson, wow.)

Another thing I enjoy about book tours is that people often show me their heavily marked-up copies of my books, or their completed One-Sentence Journals. I love to see how someone has engaged with one of my books. I’m a big underliner and dog-earer, myself, so I get a big kick out of seeing my work get that treatment.

This tour will be interesting because Outer Order, Inner Calm is a narrowly focused book—outer order is a big subject, but it’s not as big as habits or happiness. I like tackling broad subjects (The Happiness Project, Better Than Before, Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill) and I also like to go more deeply into a specific area (Happier at Home, The Four Tendencies). This book goes deep, but it’s also a very quick read.

My hope for Outer Order, Inner Calm and book tour is to create a “get psyched” experience. Sometimes I read a book or hear a talk that gets me so fired up, I can’t wait to get started myself.

So far, the book does seem to be having that effect! For instance, the day after I finished recording my audio-book, my audio director emailed me a photo of all the junk she’d cleared out of her office. And the book’s publicist recently told me that she’d set aside a day to tackle some major clutter piles in her house.

Even after spending all this time thinking about outer order, it still surprises me how much it matters—how much energy, focus, and cheer we get from creating outer order. It seems like a fairly trivial thing to worry about, but the effect certainly isn’t trivial--for most people.

As I’ve said many (too many?) times, if you’re inclined to buy the book, a pre-order really helps me. Because of the way the book industry works these days, pre-orders give a big boost to a book, by creating buzz among the media, booksellers, and other readers.

So, as a way to thank people who pre-order, I’ve created a pre-order bonus. It’s a 21-day clutter-clearing challenge, so you can get started creating order right away. Don’t worry—everything I suggest is concrete and very manageable. Remember, we can get a surprising amount done, if we do just a little bit each day.

Gold star to everyone who has already pre-ordered. Periodically I get pre-order updates, and it’s so encouraging when that number has grown. Thank you.

Added bonus: do you want a signed, personalized copy of my new book, Outer Order, Inner Calm?

Pre-order now from famous indie bookstore The Strand, and you can have it shipped anywhere (yes, internationally!) or pick up in store once the book is out on March 5.

I had such fun writing this book! I hope you find it useful as you find ways to make more room for happiness in your own life.

Claim your preorder bonus here:

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