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Podcast 198: Design Your Own Happiness Project, The Challenge of Giving Gifts, and Using the 5-Second Rule.


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Try This at Home: Design your own happiness project.

To read about my happiness project, read my book called (surprise!) The Happiness Project. I can't resist mentioning that it was a #1 New York Times bestseller and stayed on the bestseller list for two years.

If you'd like to sign up for The Happiness Project Experience, the new online course I'm launching, you can get more info here. I'm very excited about this! People have been asking me to create something like this for years, and at last it's ready.

“The Happiness Project Experience” gives structure and ideas for participants who want to create their own happiness projects. Over the course of twelve months, with video lessons, live calls, expert interviews, and more, this tool helps you identify the resolutions that will bring more happiness to your life—and then helps you keep those resolutions.

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If you want to join my free Better app, to get ideas, swap tips, and create accountability, find out how here.

Some other resources we mention to make it easier to design and maintain your happiness project:

Happiness Hack: Follow the "five-second rule." For those for whom the one-minute rule takes just too long.

Happiness Stumbling Block: Gift-giving can be fun, but it can also be stressful. We talk about how we deal with it and

A beautiful flannel shirt gifted to me by Elizabeth

suggest some of our favorite gifts.

If you're buying gifts for the holidays, check out my gift guide for readers of all kinds and gift guide suggested by my daughters Eliza and Eleanor.

I mention one of my favorite baby gifts: the large L. L. Bean zip-top tote bag with long handles, with the baby's name or initials.

If you want to listen to Elizabeth and Sarah talk about gift-giving in Hollywood, they discuss this issue in episode 81 of the Happier in Hollywood podcast.

As a gift for people who want to get an experience, not more stuff—or for people who want to give a gift that doesn't cost much—I've created the Check it out! It's a very simple site where you enter your email to get a two-page PDF: a "gift certificate" you fill in to "give" the gift of a particular show, and a sheet of subscription instructions. There's nothing better than showing someone how to listen to a terrific podcast chosen specifically for that person. Free, easy, no scheduling, no stuff.

Elizabeth's Demerit: Elizabeth didn't take any behind-the-scenes photographs during the shooting of her TV show The Fix. Next time, she'll make sure that someone has this task.

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