A Little Happier: Everything Would Be Easy, If It Weren’t For People.


Years ago, I was home in Kansas City for a visit, and I was talking to my mother about a frustration I was experiencing at work. I had colleagues who were making various projects and undertakings more difficult in their different ways. It seemed like none of these endeavors should be this difficult! But all these folks were slowing things down and adding their own drama.

My mother listened, and then she said something that I’ve quoted often to other people, and to myself. And she didn’t say it in a misanthropic way, but in a sympathetic, matter-of-fact way. She said, “Everything would be easy, if it weren’t for people.”

I remind myself of this often, because it’s true! Everything would be easy, if it weren’t for people. But the people are there, they’re part of the process, and we have to deal with that.

And I have to remember that those people probably feel the very same way about me!

And after all, it’s the people that make everything fun, too.

Quote From the Podcast

Everything would be easy, if it weren’t for people.”
Gretchen Rubin

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