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People Succeed in Groups. Agree or Disagree?


I often call my sister Elizabeth "my sister the sage" because she's always saying such wise things.

One very helpful thing she once told me is that “People succeed in groups.”A friend of hers got a plum job, and when I asked her if it made her uncomfortable that he's scored such a big success, she said, "Yes, but I remind myself that people tend to succeed in groups."

Now, when hearing about a friend's or peer's success makes me feel uneasy or envious, I remind myself of what she said, "People succeed in groups."

In my experience, it's objectively true.

But even if it's not objectively true, it's a helpful thought.

What do you think -- do people tend to succeed in groups?

Want to hear more words of wisdom from Elizabeth, beyond what's in the "Happier" podcast? Check out "Happier in Hollywood," the podcast she hosts with her longtime writing partner and friend, Sarah Fain. It's about Hollywood, yes, but it's really about everywhere. The Hollywood aspect just makes familiar challenges more extreme and funnier.

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