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Podcast 100: Celebration! We Asked Our Listeners to Ask Us Anything.


It’s time for the next installment of  Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Unbelievable! This is our 100th episode -- without a break! Zoikes.

We’re having so much fun with our Instagram project. Join in! Use the hashtag #Happier2017 and tag us — I’m @gretchenrubin and Elizabeth is @lizcraft.

To be eligible to win our fabulous prizes, go to Five people will get a Happier t-shirt, a copy of Better Than Before, a copy of Flower, a "Happier" temporary tattoo, and a free subscription to my beloved new app, Better, which is all about the Four Tendencies and creating accountability groups (that subscription is worth $100 for one year, so that's the most valuable thing!). And we'll also give an additional five people a t-shirt. (What do you think -- are prizes fun or cheesy? We were torn.)

Here are the questions we tackle:

Who are Elizabeth's favorite Housewives?

What podcasts do we recommend? The podcasts I mention, as part of The Onward Project, are Radical Candor and Side Hustle School.

Who makes the egg-cooker I love so much? KRUPS (suggested by a listener).

What are the brand of my yoga pants that look like regular office pants? Betabrand (suggested by a listener).

When will my  book Outer Order, Inner Calm become available?

What children's books do you recommend? Here's my list of my favorites.

What are our spirit animals?

When will we have our husbands and our parents on the show?

Have we ever had a sisterly falling-out?

How did we meet our husbands?

How does Elizabeth and Sarah's writing partnership work?

Do I have a story of failure, like Elizabeth's story of getting fired on episode 8 of The Other F Word podcast? I mention my books Forty Ways to Look at Winston Churchill and Forty Ways to Look at JFK.

Did Elizabeth decide whether or not to have another child?

Do we think that growing up in the Midwest shaped our personalities?

What we tell our 25-year-old selves? I mention my Twelve Personal Commandments.

No demerits! Just a gold star for this very VERY special episode -- a gold star to our listeners. We've had so much fun, heard so many great ideas, and have loved getting the chance to engage with listeners. Thank you.

Other Updates

Elizabeth’s young-adult romance Flower just hit the shelves. She and Shea Olsen have written a novel that combines love, temptation, secrets, ambition, celebrity, college applications…delicious.

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