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Podcast 11: Make the Positive Argument, Simplicity vs. Abundance, and Sunscreen.


Time for the next episode of  “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Last week's special closet-clearing episode was a ton of fun. Don't miss the before-and-after photos! This week, we're back to the usual format.

Here’s what Elizabeth and I discuss in today’s episode:

We update listeners on "updates" -- from episode 2. This was an idea that really seemed to resonate with people.

Try This at Home: Make the positive argument.

Know Yourself Better: Are you a simplicity-lover or an abundance-lover?

Listener Question: Why is hard to do the things that make you happy, sometimes? (This is one of the questions that inspired me to write Better Than Before.) I mentioned a few resources: here's the Quiz to tell you your Tendency; here's the starter kit for launching an accountability group.

Elizabeth’s Demerit: Under-applying sunscreen.

Gretchen’s Gold Star: TSA Pre-Check/Global Entry.

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And we would love to hear from you — whether you tried to "make the positive argument," whether you're a simplicity- or abundance-lover, your questions, and any other comments.

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Happy listening! Or I should say, HAPPIER listening!

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