More Happier: Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce, Revisiting a Happiness Project, and How to Keep Hiking

Something Making Us (More) Happier

  • Elizabeth: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are big news, especially in our beloved hometown of Kansas City.
  • Gretchen: The anniversary of the happiest day of my life is coming up on January 9, 2015. Here’s a post I wrote about it.

I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You

Elizabeth asks me about my plans to “revisit” my happiness project in 2024, as part of “The Happiness Project: Revisited” course.

I have so many great ideas I can’t wait to try.

The 2024 course has begun, but it’s not too late to join! Learn more and enroll here for 25% off with LASTCHANCE25.

Spotlight on a Tool

We discuss a podcast we love called How to Be Fine.

I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You

I asked Elizabeth how she plans to keep hiking in 2024.


Edie [Sedgwick] and Judy [Garland] had something in common—a way of getting everyone totally involved in their problems. When you were around them, you forgot you had problems of your own, you got so involved in theirs. They had dramas going right around the clock, and everybody loved to help them through it all. Their problems made them even more attractive. —Andy Warhol, POPism (Amazon, Bookshop




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