More Happier: The Anniversary of a Favorite Book, a Lesson in Standing Up, and the Joy of Clearing Clutter

Something Making Us (More) Happier

  • Elizabeth: She’s looking forward to cooler weather.
  • Gretchen:  After giving myself a demerit for accumulating clutter, I made a big sweep of clothes and books. I mention my book, Outer Order, Inner Calm.

I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You

Elizabeth asks me about the 11th anniversary of my book Happier at Home. Of all my books, it’s her favorite.

Spotlight on a Tool

For 50% off the Don’t Break the Chain Habit Tracker, use promo code TRACKER50. Enter at checkout; good through 9/9 at 11:59pm PT; one use per customer.

Happiness Lesson from the Real Housewives

Elizabeth explains that Real Housewife Bethany Frankel is encouraging reality stars band together and unionize — a good reminder that we all need to stand up for ourselves.


One can bring no greater reproach against a man than to say that he does not set sufficient value upon pleasure, and there is no greater sign of a fool than the thinking that he can tell at once and easily what it is that pleases him. To know this is not easy, and how to extend our knowledge of it is the highest and most neglected of all arts and branches of education.

—The Note-Books of Samuel Butler (Amazon, Bookshop




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