Podcast 93: Find Something to Admire, Consider Your Activity Level, and Getting Over a Break-Up.

It’s time for the next installment of Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Listener Question

Andrea Silenzi, host of the great podcast about relationships called Why Oh Why, asks “I just broke up with my boyfriend. Any advice about how to be happier?”

Try This at Home

When you’re feeling blue, find something to admire — an idea we lifted from my daughter Eliza’s podcast, Eliza Starting at 16.

Here’s the Boethius quotation I mention

“Contemplate the extent and stability of the heavens, and then at last cease to admire worthless things.”

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Happiness Hack

“Wash your face as soon as you put your kids to bed.”

Know Yourself Better

What’s your activity level? Some people like a faster pace, some people like a slower pace.

Elizabeth’s Demerit

Elizabeth hasn’t been able to get rid of a cold, because she’s been pushing herself too hard.

Gretchen’s Gold Star

Project Cicero is a terrific organization that collects new and gently used children’s books and distributes them to under-resourced New York City public schools.

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