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Elevate your energy through calming practices

To be happier, consider a habit that will elevate your energy through calming practices.

Why this aim is likely to make you happier

Mindfulness practices help to refocus our thoughts away from our anxieties about the future or dwelling on the past, and bring us into the present moment. Checking in regularly with our minds and bodies can help us to manage our moods, thoughts, and energy levels, and can make our daily experience more rich and vivid.

When we’re calm, we’re better able to connect with the people we care about—and relationships are a key, perhaps the key, to happiness. When our thoughts aren’t racing, we can also be more productive and creative, sleep better, and feel a little more in control of our lives.

Aims you might consider

Write in a journal every morning, keep a one-sentence journal, or jot down your worries on a sticky pad before bed

Meditate, do yoga, or stretch every morning

Set aside time each day for contemplative reading

Make a to-do list (or a could-do list) every morning

Schedule time to be unscheduled—make time for creative play, relaxation, and daydreaming

Make a playlist of calming music and use it to wind down at the end of the day

Keep a five-senses journal as a reminder to be present and tap into your senses throughout the day

Know Yourself Better

Self-knowledge is an essential aspect of happiness, because we can create a happy life only on the foundation of our own nature, our own values, and our own interests. 

As you consider ways to elevate your energy through calming practices​, ask yourself:

  • Aside from sleep, what activities make you feel rested? Gardening, reading, listening to music, walking, doing a crossword, meditating, and yoga can help make your body and mind feel rested.
  • What are the signs that indicate you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Eating poorly, staying up late (revenge bedtime procrastination), craving a comforting film from childhood, constantly misplacing items, feeling scattered or forgetful—learning your patterns can help you recognize when you need to make a change or slow down.
  • Do you have a friend, family member, or someone in your life who always makes you feel better? Consider finding a way to connect regularly.
  • What is your neglected sense? Take the free quiz here and find ways to cultivate your senses as a concrete way to connect with the people and the world around you.

A few notes of caution…

  • Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to happiness—what’s restful or relaxing to one person could be taxing or boring to another. If, after giving it a try, you find that popular activities like yoga or meditation aren’t for you, try something else. Long-distance running, lifting weights, doing jigsaw puzzles, or diving into an absorbing book can all be restful—the key is to find what works for you.