Podcast 42: Act the Way You Want to Feel, Consider Giving Up a Temptation, and I Manage to Get Back to the Gym.

It’s time for the next installment of  “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

Update: I hold Elizabeth accountable for pondering her YA novel.

And loyal sister that she is, Elizabeth gave a plug for the paperback of Better Than Before, which comes out December 15.  To thank people who order early, if you do pre-order, you get the “21 Days, 21 Strategies for Habit Change” email package for free. But act fast. Info here.

Even more news! Elizabeth and I are doing our first live recording of the podcast! If you’re in the Bay Area, January 21, Brava Theater, we hope to see you there. Info and tickets here.  We’ll have two excellent guests, and some special little treats, plus you get a copy of Better Than Before with your ticket.

Try This at Home: Act the way you want to feel. Want to know all my Twelve Personal Commandments? Look here.

Better Than Before Habit Strategy: We’re working our way through the twenty-one strategies for habit change that I discuss in Better Than Before. In this episode, we talk about the Strategy of Abstaining (which we’ve talk about before, for instance, in back episode 2, but we keep hearing from listeners about it).

Listener Question: “What’s the line between freeing yourself from an obligation that’s become counter-productive versus quitting something prematurely, that you ought to stick with?”

Elizabeth’s Demerit:  Elizabeth hasn’t had her hair cut and colored for months.

Gretchen’s Gold Star: In episode 41, I gave myself a demerit for not going to the gym. This time, I get a gold star for switching gyms; I used the Strategy of Convenience to join a gym closer to my apartment, and I have in fact started to go to the gym again.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin #42 - Listen at Happiercast.com/42

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Happier with Gretchen Rubin #42 - Listen at Happiercast.com/42

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  • Peter J

    Michael – the wannabe home chef – might want to look into Blue Apron or a similar service. They ship you all the ingredients and instructions for complete meals that you then prepare at home. You get the feeling of accomplishment from making a complex meal without a) having to decide what to make or b) shop for the ingredients. I can only speak to Blue Apron, but the degree of difficulty is medium — just enough to be a challenge, but not overwhelming.

  • Stephanie Hodge

    temptation is how you define it ..lower the bar ..lol

  • Stephanie Hodge

    focus on perfection kills a happy life

  • Emily

    Why a demerit for Elizabeth changing her hair routine? Sounds like she’s breaking new ground, and being more natural (more herself) to boot!

  • Kim in Minnesota

    Kudos for going more natural with your hair. I gave up coloring almost a year ago, and have embraced the “tinsel.” A helpful habit: try making your next haircut appointment as you leave the shop. This keeps me on track, and I do think a good cut is even more important since I’ve stopped coloring. If it’s written in my calendar and the appointment is made, I make sure to go.

  • Dominique

    Elizabeth – when you are at the salon getting your hair done, schedule your next appointment – even if it’s six or eight weeks out. The date will get here before you know it and you will be all set. I do that and it’s so the way to go. A girl’s hair has got to look good, whether you color it or not. It just makes you feel better!

    • Amy

      Yes!! I don’t know if this one of Gretchen’s secrets of adulthood, or one of mine, but I always hear it in my head: schedule the next appointment before you leave the office (doctor, dentist, babysitter, haircut, etc.!)

  • Sarah

    I’ve been catching up on my podcasts and just listened to this episode this week. I am a teen librarian, and lead a book club at the local high school. During our book discussion, we were talking about whether or not some students have an easier time in high school and why. A student said he thought some students have an easier time due to their attitude. I brought up this episode of the podcast and acting the way you want to feel. Some of the kids minds’ were blown. One said, “I need to just sit here a minute and think about this.” Another said she had no idea our discussion would get so deep. Thank you for your wonderful podcast and helping me introduce my kids to this concept.

    • gretchenrubin

      Terrific! that’s great to hear.