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Worksheets & Trackers

Gretchen Rubin Life in Five Senses Discussion Guide thumbnail

Life in Five Senses Discussion Guide

Write 24 in 24 List Gretchen Rubin

Write 24 in 2024

Gretchen Rubin's 24 for 24 List thumbnail

My “24 for 24” List

Calendar of Catalysts

Daily Time Log thumbnail

Daily Time Log

Don't Break the Chain Resolution Chart thumbnail

Resolutions Chart

Checklist for Habit Change thumbnail

A Checklist for Habit Change

patron saints thumbnail

Identify Your Patron Saints

Four Tendencies Starter Kit for an Accountability Group

Starter Kit for The Four Tendencies Accountability Groups

GRM Jump-start Inner Clutter Worksheet thumbnail

Jump-start Your Habit: Clear Your Inner Clutter

GRM Jump-start Reading thumbnail

Jump-start Your Habit: Reading List

GRM Jump-start Rest thumbnail

Jump-start Your Habit: Rest

The Happiness Project Starter Kit for an Accountability Group

The Happiness Project Group Starter Kit


Gretchen Rubin Deck the Halls Bingo thumbnail

Deck the Halls Bingo

Gretchen Rubin Clear The Decks Bingo PDF thumbnail

Clear the Decks Bingo

Kitchen Clearing Bingo Thumbnail

Kitchen-Clearing Bingo

Desk Cleaning Bingo Thumbnail

Desk-Cleaning Bingo

Creativity Bingo PDF by Gretchen Rubin thumbnail

Creativity Bingo

Happier 9th anniversary bingo thumbnail

Happier Podcast 9th Anniversary Bingo

Gretchen Rubin Sweep The Deck Bingo thumbnail

Sweep the Deck Bingo

Gretchen Rubin 42 Easy Challenges Bingo thumbnail

Easy Challenges Bingo

Readings & Documents

Icebreaker Questions


Wedding Readings

Funeral Readings

Proverbs of the Profession: Teachers thumbnail

Proverbs of the Professions: For Teachers

The Restatement of love thumbnail

The Restatement of Love

Book Excerpts and Discussion Guides

Outer Order Inner Calm book cover

Outer Order Inner Calm Book Excerpt

The Four Tendencies book cover

The Four Tendencies Book Excerpt

The Happiness Project hardcover book

The Happiness Project Book Excerpt

Happier At Home book cover

Happier at Home Book Excerpt

The Four Tendencies Discussion Guide thumbnail

The Four Tendencies Discussion Guide

Happiness Project Discussion Guide thumbnail

The Happiness Project Discussion Guide

The Happiness Project spirituality discussion guide

The Happiness Project Spiritual Discussion Guide

Happier at home Discussion Guide thumbnail

Happier at Home Discussion Guide

Better Than Before

Cover of better Than Before Discussion Guide

Better Than Before Discussion Guide

Better than Before book cover

Better Than Before Sample Chapter

Better Than Before_Exercising_Thumbnail

Tips for Exercising Better Than Before

Tips for Working Better Than Before

Reading Better Than Before One Sheet

Tips for Reading Better Than Before