Getting Started:
The 24 for 2024 Trifecta

Looking for ways to make your life happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative? Explore three tools that will help you make progress on your aims all year long.

Three Tools for a Happier 2024

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to being happier—these tools offer different approaches so you can find one that works for you. If you feel energized by the clean slate of January 1, prefer to start your aims when it suits you, or need a boost to keep up your resolutions throughout the year, you can use these strategies at any time. The best time to start is always now.

Write a “24 for 2024” List

Write a list of 24 things you’d like to accomplish or experience this year. Remember, you’re more likely to achieve your aims when they’re specific, concrete, and manageable.

The items on your list might be big or small, enjoyable or challenging. I usually include a few whimsical items, too.

You can also get creative with the number, such as “Watch 24 movies I haven’t seen,” “Go internet-free from 2-4pm every Friday” or “Spend 2-4 minutes writing a to-do list every morning.” Or plan to do something twice a month (24 = 12 x 2).

Resources for the “24 for 2024” List



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Consider making a “24 for 2024” list to identify your aims for the year. There’s no one right way to make your list—you might create different categories, follow a theme, choose all fun items—just think about what you want the year to hold.

Join the “24 in 2024” Challenge

Each year on the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast, my sister Elizabeth and I suggest the annual challenge to give ourselves and listeners a practical, manageable way to boost happiness and build habits that year.

This year, our challenge is “Write 24 in 2024.” Write for 2 to 4 minutes—or for 24 minutes—every day in 2024. Many people share the aim of writing regularly, and many struggle to build a habit that sticks. Especially if you benefit from accountability, joining this year’s challenge can help you find the tools and strategies to make progress on your writing goals.

Read more about this year’s challenge and discover tips to create a writing routine that works for you.

Resources for the 24 in 2024 Challenge

Listen to Gretchen and Elizabeth reveal the 2024 Yearly Challenge


Gretchen Rubin's Write 24 in 24 group aim in the Happier app

Join the #Write24in24 challenge in the Happier™ app for free, and access a powerful habit-tracking toolkit you can personalize for your writing aims.

Choose a One-Word Theme for 2024

Identify a word or phrase that summarizes an aim or overarching theme for the year. Your theme might have multiple interpretations or applications—spend some time thinking about how you can put it to work.

To keep your theme uppermost in your mind, you might write it on a note card and pin it above your desk, make it the background on your phone or computer, or find a symbol to represent your theme.

Watch this video for different approaches to choosing your one-word theme and why it’s a useful exercise.

Resources for Choosing a One-Word Theme

Listen to Gretchen and Elizabeth reveal their 2024 one-word themes

Get more tips and ideas for your one-word theme

Scrabble letters spelling out Start Now

We asked listeners for their one-word themes, and heard many imaginative, thought-provoking ideas. You can also read our themes for 2023 and from previous years.

Additional Resources

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