Still more on clutter: a quiz.


Getting rid of clutter is exhilarating, and the more clutter you have, the better it feels to get rid of it. Here’s a list of questions to inspire action:

 are your drawers so tightly packed that they’re difficult to open and shut?
 do items often tumble out of a closet when you open the door?
 do you find it hard to get rid of things—even things you never use?
 do you collect things to give to other people or buy gifts without a specific recipient or occasion in mind?
 are you too embarrassed to have guests visit?
 do you avoid using areas of your house or apartment, such as certain closets or your desk, because you’re too overwhelmed by the mess?
 do you feel that it’s not worth trying to tackle clutter until you can organize it perfectly?
 do you spend a lot of time looking for things—the tape measure, scissors, your passport?
 Have you converted “temporary” non-storage areas into permanent storage areas—keeping boxes in the hallway or piles on the dining room table for months?
 when you bring something into your house or apartment, do you find a specific place for it?
 does clutter create tension among members of your family?
 when you feel overwhelmed by your possessions, is your first impulse to buy some plastic bins, some closet gadgets, etc.?
 if someone gives you a gift, do you feel you must keep it, even if you never use it?


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