Buddhism Has 8 Auspicious Symbols. I Chose My Own Set of Symbols. What Are Yours?

Every Wednesday is Tip Day – or List Day.
This Wednesday: The 8 auspicious symbols of Buddhism — and my own list, too.

I get a tremendous kick out of the numbered lists that pop up throughout Buddhism: the Triple Refuge, the Noble Eightfold Path, the Four Noble Truths. In fact, it was Buddhism that inspired me to write my Four Splendid Truths (after I formulated the First Splendid Truth, I just had to assume that I’d end up with more than one).

However, it’s surprising to me that Buddhism, with its emphasis on gateless gates and transcending the bounds of rational thinking, has so many of these numbered lists. I love them, but still, it seems incongruous. There’s a koan to be written about it, that’s for sure. Let’s see…how about, “Use numbers to throw away enumeration.”

One of my favorite lists from Buddhism is the list of the eight auspicious symbols:
1. Parasol
2. Golden fish
3. Treasure vase
4. Lotus
5. Conch shell
6. Endless knot
7. Victory banner
8. Wheel of Dharma

I was inspired to come up with my eight – wait, make that nine — auspicious symbols for my happiness project:
1. Bluebird, to symbolize happiness
2. Ruby slippers, to remind me that what I need for happiness is with me, right here and right now
3. Dictionary, to stand for reading, writing, and invention
4. Blood…between my husband’s Hepatitis C, my sister’s diabetes, and St. Therese, blood has assumed great power in my life
5. Gold star, to symbolize virtue and right action
6. Dice, to reminder me of the influence of chance and fortune
7. Holstein cow, a symbol representing my family. Long story.
8. Peacock feather, a reminder of symbols beyond words
9. Cherries. Cherries are cheery.

What would your auspicious symbols be? Please post them! I’m so curious to hear what other people would choose.

* Threre’s a huge amount of interesting information on Beliefnet. Check it out.

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  • My symbols:

    1 – Hourglass: to remind myself that life is what happens while I’m waiting for something else to “happen”

    2 – Infinity symbol: to remind myself that you cannot run out of time. “Time? Cannot run out of time. *You* are finite. Zathras is finite. This is… wrong tool. No, no, never use this.”

    3 – lime: favorite color, favorite smell, favorite flavor, favorite garnish.

    4 – writing quill: reading/writing/creativity

    5 – Treble Clef: to remind me of music. Also, treble clef is fun to say. Fun to draw.

    6 – shoe: walk walk walk. To remind myself that I *can* walk, that I have walked. that I will talk. (long story, but I had a bad car accident that almost canceled that ability for me… many years in rehab. Ten years ago I was told I would never walk again. Last year, I walked 60 miles in 3 days for charity)

    7 – screw: Sometimes, I just have to say “screw this” and let it go.

    8 – raindrop or umbrella: to remind myself that “love is the weather being good every day because rain and wind are just another of good weather.”

    • gretchenrubin

      I love these!

    • Melladp

      *Best* B5 quote…you’ve contributed to my happiness today. 😉

    • Momgeo

      I loved them may I borrow some!!!!

  • Courtney

    I came up with an even dozen! I was surprised how fast these came to me:

    1) Heart–love is most important
    2) Cat-love cats
    3) Shamrock-Irish heritage
    4) claddaugh–my favorite symbol of all–love the story behind it.
    5) dolphin-love the ocean
    6) Autumn leaf–my favorite season
    7) Quill/pen–writer
    8) Book–reader
    9) mermaid–remember more things are possible than we know
    10) Rose-my favorite flower
    11) butterfly–transformation
    12) Star-achievement.

    Thanks for a great project! I am thinking of doing a collage and creating a charm bracelet with these items.

    • gretchenrubin

      Making a charm bracelet from them — what a great idea. I would LOVE an
      auspicious symbols bracelet!

      • Julia

        Eight symbols…here goes….
        1. Star of David-my faith, also an intertwining of heaven and earth, male and female.
        2. Open book-knowledge, learning, imagination
        3. Globe-travel, a world of possibilities
        4. Cat-because who wouldn’t want to be a cat?
        5. Treble clef-music is essential to life
        6. Heart-love, both human and divine
        7. Hand-the awesome power of touch, part of my profession
        8. Egg-creation

  • Woogapdx

    – gingko leaf (especially Fall yellow ones)
    – dragonfly
    – blue heron
    – sleeping kitty
    – lavender spires
    – fingernail moon
    – persimmons in the November trees

    • gretchenrubin

      I almost had dragonfly on my list. Love them.

  • karen

    butterfly for me. change. growth. freedom 🙂

  • Janice Enright

    A bird singing early in the morning. A new day, a new beginning, a new chance to create new memories.

  • For me, the gingko tree in my back yard has come to symbolize my newfound happiness in divorced living. My ex and I planted it for our anniversary right before we broke up and now it is an auspicious symbol for how our relationship has grown, beautiful, straight and proud.


  • l loved this! l think is a fantastic idea to remind ourselves where our happiness lays.

  • Melladp

    -An open book (books, reading, knowledge)
    -A gear (at the end of the day, I’m still an engineer)
    -A frog (long story, but a personal symbol of how something can be happy and not-happy at the same time)
    -A wrench! (because in important part of my happiness project has been discovering how deeply I appreciate the right tool for the job!)
    -A chocolate chip cookie (something about which I feel irrationally passionate)
    -A sleeping cat (symbolic of all things restful)
    -A snow flake (symbolic on several levels, but today it would be a reminder that it won’t be this hot forever)
    -An anchor cross (faith and heritage)

    Like Courtney, I’ve considered making a personal charm bracelet – but I know that charm bracelets drive me insane, so I’d never be able to wear it!

    • Karmannbug72

      What about a charm necklace?

    • Rita

      Don’t like charm bracelets?  Put your charm/symbols on a long ribbon of  your favorite color, knot it in between each so they won’t slip, and hang it where you can enjoy looking at it and remembering what the symbols mean to you!

  • As I follow these comments, I am reminded by the popularity of vision boards, which in addition to life goals, often comprise images that uplift and inspire us. I have pictures of beautiful gardens and home interiors, families engaged in fun activities, friends talking and laughing together, and even couples in passionate embraces. In the center is a couple in a convertible and the woman has heer head cocked back with the air running through her hair. The captions says “Live life like you mean it.” Looking at these images always makes me smile and puts me in a good mood.

  • LivewithFlair

    My Symbols

    1. Turtle: home is with me
    2. A.R. Ammons collected poems. I just keep the book with me to remind me of my love of poetry.
    3. Smooth stone to represent the work of God (from Joshua in the Old Testament)
    4. a shed deer antler: represent beauty that we leave behind. It sits above my writing desk.
    5. Candle (lit) to represent the power and presence of God.

  • jenny_o

    What an interesting exercise! Mine came quickly, and I knew when I was finished as soon as I wrote the last one.

    moon – I am a night owl, and I love to see the full moon as it first rises, huge on the horizon

    clock – I need to watch this, as I am a procrastinator and a dreamer, and time slips away from me easily

    alphabet – for reading, writing, and communication, all of which I like

    eyes – so many things I enjoy require sight so they are very valuable to me; however, I have vision problems which will likely worsen

    cat – favorite animal, bar none

    Please, Gretchen, tell us about the Holstein cow, if it’s not too personal 🙂

    • gretchenrubin

      About the cow! When my husband and I were getting married, my mother and I
      put together a little info letter to send to people about hotels, the
      airport, etc. in Kansas City.

      My husband is from New York, and a lot of the guests weren’t from the
      Midwest, and we could tell that a lot of them expected KC to be a real cow
      town. Plus, there was a lot of BBQ involved.

      So my mother and I used a picture of a cow on the info letter, and
      elsewhere, and it became kind of a standing joke between us. Now that cow
      makes me think of my whole family.

      • jenny_o

        Lovely! Thanks!

        This was a lot of fun, and you’ve gotten such a great response!

  • Nancy Lee Carlson

    My symbols:
    1. Red Wing Blackbird – Our family symbol. Chose it one year while camping.
    2. My cross ring – Reminds me that its not my words but my actions that speak louder than words.
    3. My Kindle – All my favorite books in one place ready to read any time, any place.
    4. A garnet ring that was my Nana’s – Reminds me that love never ends and we will see each other again.
    5. My garden of wildflowers – We let the seeds from the bird feeders drop down and there is wheat, big and little sunflowers, little white and yellow flowers and we didn’t plant a seed. Nature naturally.
    6. Pretty writing paper – My pen pal and I write each other once a week. No emails allowed. We loved writing when we were children and wanted to have that feeling of expectation (waiting for the mail) back in our lives.
    7. My motorcycle – Last year my husband and I learned to ride and purchased our own cycles. It is such a sense of freedom yet a fear of the machine and other drivers.
    8. Fresh raspberries – from my bushes. Anticipation and hope that the birds don’t get to them when they ripen before I do!

    • gretchenrubin

      I love the idea of a family symbol. My sister had a friend — everyone in
      the family has a family tattoo with the family symbol!

      • Nancy Lee Carlson

        I think we’ll just stick to taking pictures or calling out to each other that we see a red wing blackbird : )

  • Jlcarroll

    In no particular order:
    Book (because I love them)
    Dragon (for the magic in the world)
    Fire (for the passion of destruction)
    Cat (independence within family)
    Dog (cooperation within family)
    Wheel (for the turning of time)
    Stone (immutable impermanence)
    Tree (wholeness/an opening to the wind)
    Ocean wave (in there with stone and tree)
    Aurora (universe)
    Traditional drum (music/heart of the world)
    Harp (just because)

    I think this would be a fun exercise to do with my daughters (9 and 11). They are into symbols right now.

  • Carolyn Cote

    Lovely idea—-let me play!

    My bicycle – beautiful, black, Dutch: freedom
    Tall grasses – reminder of my prairie background: gentle movement and memories
    Sunsets – so gorgeous (and, as a night owl, I never get to see sunrises): beauty
    The local park: solititude with others
    Blue skies: openess, freedom, optimism
    Dunes: warmth, fluidity
    Swimming: phsyicality, solitude, strength
    Butterflies: flitting, graceful, beauty
    Otters: playful in land and water

    • gretchenrubin

      Wasn’t Hermione’s patronus in the shape of an otter? I love them!

  • What a wonderful post. I love thinking about symbols because I use them in my mind and heart like they’re my rudders, my buoys and I’ve never really made a list of them but here goes:
    1. Prisms: to symbolize how beauty and wonder can burst open in the middle of the afternoon
    2. Pens: to symbolize the way I am rooted to the paper and how that is magical
    3. Paper: blank in moments and filled with scribble—just like life
    4. Candles: the flame, the hope, sweet aroma
    5. Flowers: symbolizing growth and vibrance
    6. Heart shaped rocks: symbolizing my journey and reminding me that if I open my eyes I find my reflection everywhere
    7. Books: vastness of mind and how the stories connect me and keep me going
    8. Tea: symbolizing comfort and calm

  • shegoat

    Auspicious Symbols

    1. Calculator (to remind me of dreams of math teaching)
    2. Apple (to remind me to eat healthy)
    3. My yellow and sky-blue running shoes from 12th grade (to remind me to keep active, stay outside, and enjoy the clouds in the sky, and break limits)
    4. My tattoo (to remind me to fill my one life with happiness)
    5. Campfire (to remind me to care for and nuture Keith)
    6. Pizza (is best shared with friends, reminds me to spend time with friends 🙂
    7. Two lit candles ( a symbol of Shabbat, to keep the Jewish spirit burning within)
    8. the Wave (to remind me of emotions, and the power they hold in my life)

  • Funfuture

    Here are mine:

    – shell – for the ocean (the pleasure it has given me)
    – eucalyptus leaf – to remind me of home
    – yin/yang symbol – connection with China
    – peach – for my daughter
    – treble clef – for music/my mother
    – book – the value of writing/stories
    – stone – Buddha/eternity/spirituality
    – globe – travel, looking beyond one’s small world
    – moon/sun – to remind me that dark and light are intertwined – light always follows darkness
    – goblet – life-giving water

  • 1. crocus – the meaning of my name
    2. koi fish – good fortune
    3. hydrangea – blooming nature, summer, beauty
    4. mary poppins – the power of magic and miracles in our life
    5. apple – my addiction, innovation
    6. lighthouse – there’s always guidance and hope in life
    7. tree – wisdom that comes from the nature
    8. ouroboros – continuity, eternity, connectedness
    9. Dharmachakra – the wheel of the law and the 8-fold path

  • Maureenbud

    1. Corn Field – life cycle
    2. Iron Fry Pan – family/love
    3. Hands – creativity
    4. Lily of the Valley – youth
    5. Pine Tree – balance
    6. Amethyst – wisdom and healing
    7. Hay – abundance
    8. Blueberry – optimisim
    9. Pi – constant but irrational; sounds like pie
    10. Lake – eternity

    These are mine – very meaningful and personal exercise.

    • Craftimax

      I have to borrow your hands as a symbol.

  • Gretchen,I think Siddhartha had a much under appreciated sense of irony and humor. He also had some fantastic slicing and dicing machine in his head and couldn’t resist using it even though he knew it was all ’empty’ and ‘gateless’.I love your new list. There is always a new way to slice up the mysteries of life, looking at things from different angles can give you new insights. Which I’m sure is one of the reasons the Buddha so often did this type of thing.Robin

  • Gretchen,
    I think Siddhartha had a much under appreciated sense of irony and humor. He also had some fantastic slicing and dicing machine in his head and couldn’t resist using it even though he new it was all ’empty’ and ‘gateless’.

    I love your new list. There is always a new way to slice up the mysteries of life, looking at things from different angles can give you new insights. Which I’m sure is one of the reasons the Buddha so often did this type of thing.


  • Barbara

    Here are mine:

    Barn Owl – observation and timing
    Thesaurus – importance of finding and using the right words
    Polished River Rock – reminder to let life flow
    Cedarwood Box – beauty and utility should go together
    Our Lady of Guadalupe – it takes true strength to be gentle
    Chicory Flowers – beauty can be found in the most ordinary places
    Light Switch – preparation isn’t worth anything until you act
    Dog – blessings of true friends
    Roll of Duct Tape – do what you can with what’s at hand

    • Craftimax

      Ha! Really like the duct tape one. Great answer.

  • Ren

    1. Star – brillance is ahead of us
    2. Heart – all things are possible with love
    3. Birds – symbol of freedom and flight
    4. Four leaf clover – luck is always within reach
    5. Rainbow – A world full of color
    6. Butterfly – Carefree
    7. Cherries – Sweet life, nourishment, retro pin up
    8. Anchor – Don’t forget to stay grounded
    9. Envelope – Don’t forget to put something into everything … Give back … replenish the relationship
    10. Hat – Think ahead… we wear many hats daily… a changed look… life is about change and acceptance.
    11. Lipstick – Color my world happy!
    12. House – Stability, acceptance, I am what I create

    Wow! This was fun! Thanks!!

  • Jennifer

    What a great exercise. Mine are:

    UU chalice: spiritual inheritance, spiritual journey
    Phrenology chart: mysteries of the mind
    Geode: beauty and ugliness
    Herbs: variety and sameness
    Subway map: paths and places
    Greek letter theta: language as an object
    Pantalaimon: other worlds
    Oboe: other senses, other possibilities

    • Jennifer — when I was still in the practice of law representing biotech companies I kept a phrenology chart in my office to remind me how much our “scientific” answers to life’s mysteries are an evolving thing.

  • Love this! My symbols are:

    Sunflowers – I’m a Kansas girl and they instantly remind me of home and the farm. Symbolize my roots. They, also, symbolize foolish passion. When is passion not a good thing?
    Rabbit – Everyone in my family has an animal or collectible thing. Mine are rabbits and unicorns.
    Drama/Comedy faces – for my acting and directing
    Duck – As a reminder that I need to duck when sh*t is being thrown at me.
    Old fashion feather ink pen – For my love of writing and classic literature.
    Suitcase – Two reasons 1. My love of traveling 2. Bundling up my baggage and telling it to hit the road.
    Bamboo – It bends easily but is harder to break. I need to bend to life easier.
    Phoenix – Because life is about constantly picking myself back up and starting over again. I can continue to find a better me.

    Just started your book. I’m looking forward to starting a year of my own self improvement adapted from your example. Thanks!!

  • Mine are:
    star – aspirations
    bluebird – surprising happiness
    butterfly – transformation
    shoe – independence, and my love of long walks
    eiffel tower – adventure
    egg – possibility
    snowflake – magical beauty
    moon – waxing and waning

    I love the idea of putting these on a charm bracelet or anklet!

  • Lcordts

    Blank Book: because every day is a blank slate waiting for me to fill it in.
    Cat: because they are flexible and live in the moment.
    Sneaker: because it’s good to keep your body moving.
    Garden: because growth is good, and you only reap what you sow….and water….and weed.
    A cup of tea: to remind me to slow down and take care of myself.
    A crazy quilt: because we are all different, but together we can make something beautiful.
    A fulcrum: because Balance is key!

  • 1. Wave – power and calm of the natural world
    2. Egret – magic, spirits, independence (they like to be alone until they go to sleep together in a big tree)
    3. Rabbit – spotting a rabbit makes me feel like everything’s going to be OK.
    4. Blue eye – superstition, luck, ancient world.
    5. Red heart – romanticism
    6. Streetlamp – things are bright where you look
    7. Teardrop – sweat, tears, rain: cleansing, purifying, washing away
    8. Pie – home spun tradition, mom, craftsmanship, love, hospitality.

  • Hmm…to do this right will take more time, but there are a few that are quick to mind.

    Cat — yes, everyone is listing this, but for me it is a particular cat who was my familiar before he passed away five years ago
    Shoe — not for health, not for movement, but for ornamentation and frivolity and fun!
    Chaise — remember to relax, but do it with style
    That’s all I’ve got for now.

  • Bdsmith521

    Love this!

    * A sea shell (that was given to me by my great-grandfather…he drew a picture of a lighthouse on it with a pen) The shell reminds me of my love of the ocean and the love of family

    * A book…I can’t imagine my life without books in it!

    * My camera…to try to capture a little bit of the beauty of nature & of my kids (the time flies by so fast)

    * A tea bag…tea brings me comfort.

    * A house key…home is where the heart is (I’m blogging about the ABC’s of life and my last post was “H is for Home”) http://everyday-glimpses.blogspot.com/

  • Marci

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s lists. I was reminded of my Christmas tree, filled with ornaments that are really symbols of our family. In addition to the usual Santas and snowmen, we have a pencil, a raspberry, a chocolate chip cookie, a pickle, an acorn, a trombone… I’ll use those as inspiration for my own list of auspicious symbols. I can use the reminders more than during the month of December!

  • Am dying to hear the Holstein cow story! I have an affinity for pigs. Friendly, curious, and as smart as dogs — I can’t bring myself to eat pork anymore, even though I used to love it.

    Other symbols for me:
    Pie: endless creativity and comfort
    Garden: (like yoga) connectedness; ongoing practice, never finished
    The Velvet Room by Zilpha Snyder: resilience, happy endings
    Carrots: vision
    Dad’s black umbrella: (Like Mary Poppins’) Adventure. Go forward even when conditions look bleak.

  • Lauren

    In no particular order:

    1. Mortar & Pestle: I come from a family of cooks so this represents home, heart & family to me.

    2. A wedding ring: my parents divorced when I was very young & it impacted my life greatly, this represents the sacredness & fragility of marriage and romantic relationships.

    3. Wings: A way to connect to my loved ones as my family is spread out across the world.

    4. Water: Happy childhood memories, peace

    5. Turtles: Slow & steady wins the race

    6. Wild flowers: to remind myself that I possess a bright spirit

    7. The Phantom’s mask: Having dealt with times of great depression, it represents my sadness and that human connection & love has been my savior.

    8. A quill pen: books, journaling, any form of creative outlet.

  • sissteele

    Wrens – have their tails up and sassily sing. They remind me how to greet the day. My “grace” bird.

    Turtles – the reminder to perservere.

    Books – for knowledge

    Stones – for permanence and the reminder that God is my Rock.

    Kingfishers – live over streams and ponds, remind me how lifegiving water bodies are to my soul.

    A bouquet of flowers – happiness comes from nature

    Mountains – the sign of sanctuary and peace

    I will think of more I am sure

  • PS1xsculler

    1. book (now a Kindle) – knowledge, learning, communication
    2. Claddagh ring – love, friendship, loyalty
    3. Boat -freedom, security, transportation, serenity
    4. Rose – beauty needs to create its own armament, ties me to my Grandfather
    5. Bald Eagle – majesty, posture, focus, and commitment
    6. Water – life
    7. Gold Medal – accomplishment brought by years of devotion
    8. Music note – joy and expression, family

  • Janis

    Love this discussion and will think about it a lot more. One symbol I do know I will use is the acorn. To me it speaks to the greatness of my potential.

    Important aspects of my life that I will seek out symbols for are:

    Thanks for your ideas, Janis

  • TJ

    I posted my symbols on my own little blog. What a great idea!

    Here’s the link:

  • Abby

    This is harder than I thought!
    1. Pinwheel = Wind, Sailing, Family
    2. Goggles = Swimming (keeps me sane), Fitness
    3. Wine Glass = Friends (also keeps me sane)
    4. Mirror = Honesty
    5. Windmill = Heritage
    6. Beans = Vegetarian Lifestyle, Animal Lover
    7. Cross = Christianity & Forgiveness
    8. Garden = Peace, Cycles, Struggles
    9. Horizon = Possibilities, Optimism
    10. Tape Recorder = Words and how they are said is important to me.

  • Mary McHugh

    Ruby Slippers — I love them too because my daughter and I saw the Wizard of Oz every chance we got.When she died, I inherited her red slippers.
    The Arc de Triomphe — which symbolizes Paris where I studied when I was young and brought home my love of everything French with me.
    Tap shoes — because I love tap dancing and they keep me moving.
    My white satin wedding dress made lovingly stitch by stitch by my mother and the love I vowed to keep that is stronger than ever.
    Manhattans because my father made the best ones and I think of him every time I celebrate something wonderful.

  • rutheileen

    1. Wind: invisible and powerful
    2. Heart: anagrams to “earth”, and so much more
    3. Star of David: as above, so below
    4. Dandelion: hearty, beautiful, useful, versatile, and vastly underrated
    5. Feet: Grounding and they get me where I need to go without polluting the Earth
    6. Water: essential, malleable, powerful, cleansing
    7. Cat: graceful, independent, I get what the Egyptians saw in them
    8. Spiral: Circular and ascending, ever changing and ever the same

  • Frsaad

    I only have six:
    1. Water – life
    2. Books – hunger and thirst for knowledge
    3. Goldfish – they make me smile
    4. Palm Tree – adventure
    5. Mountains – God’s amazing creation
    6. Moon – beauty

  • Merging the 8 Auspicious Symbols and aligning them on the face is interesting:


  • Pengtagram – for my pagan path
    Star of David – for my Jewish roots
    Soother – for the parenting/nurturing part of me
    Tree – nature is important to me
    Moon – a personal symbol, has been for some time
    Book – Reading is a VERY big part of my life
    Brain – to signify knowledge
    Apple – food, nourishment, cooking
    Chain – connections

  • Frivolitea

    A major symbol for me is the tea leaf or branch of tea leaves. I don’t know exactly why this holds such resonance for me, but it certainly does. There is so much history entwined with thoughts of tea. And I drink loads of tea from a teapot daily. Thank you for your thought-provoking post.

  • Naresh Jaso

    My Symbols:
    1. Orange blossom – I see simplicity and happiness
    2. White clouds on a blue sky – to remind me that problems are small and will pass
    3. hands – my daughters – precious
    4. Circle/Chakra – circle of life, we are part of a bigger picture
    5. Golden balls – to remind me to have guts to do it
    6. A small tin – to pack my worries away.
    7. Smooth Stones – permanent and simple

  • great stuff

  • Marissa

    1. Sunshine: Energy
    2. Full Moon: Good Sleep
    3. Cat: Curiosity
    4. Glass of wine: laughter
    5. Blanket: Comfort
    6. Netbook: Communication
    7. Pen & Paper: ideas
    8. Pyramid: Hierarchy of needs

  • JessicaWard

    My symbols:

    1- Cross- To remind me of God’s true love
    2- Giraffe- Beauty, individuality, my favorite animal
    3- Ladybug- good luck, wishes come true
    4- Daisy- “day’s eye,” take it one day at a time, my wedding flowers
    5- Airplane- my career and love for aviation
    6- USA flag- freedom to be me
    7- Drum- my love for music and percussion
    8- Sunglasses- My future is so bright I gotta wear shades!

    This was a very fun little project and actually alot easier than I thought!! Thanks for the great idea! I love the charm bracelet idea too… will pass it along to my friends!!!

  • Kitty

    Kitty’s “symbols”:
    *Cactus- the serenity and the beauty of the desert. Peaceful.
    *Lady Bug- luck, chance, being open.
    *Budha- calm, patience, love.
    *Yellow- my happy, sunny colour!
    *Surfboard- for the ocean and that “feeling” when I’m on the board.

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  • S_ifat

    1. Horse- reminds me that what I love as a child, I love now

    2. Book – reminder that the answer is out there

    3. Coco bean – know my dark master

    4. Running shoes- the comfort of rutine.

    5. the letters of my name – I can always count
    On me.

    6. Mug- everything is simpler after you take a pause

    7. Flowers- go out to nature and reset your thought

    8. Wings- reminder that I love traveling overseas


  • Jstruthers

    Trees: They exist alongside us but offer a different pace to life. They feel the sunlight as we, drink from the earth as well. We give them space, they give us beauty, peace, shade, oxygen ( some CO2 at night as well ), a place for reflection.
     Fruit trees wrap their young in a treat for other beings, we enjoy the fruit and plant the seeds in new locations. A brilliant idea really. 

    • Mail4pame

      J –  I like the way you think.  I’ll be watching your posts for more inspiration…..I have a feeling there will be more…

  • Jane D.

    Gretchen, I just clicked on this post as a “Other posts you might be interested in…” and boy was I. <3 My symbols?
    1. Wolf (or coyote): Because they are survivors, and I'm just coming through a very rough year of severe depression and then an extremely long manic period that is just now coming under control.
    2. Owl: for all the books I read, and instead of helping me know more it only gives me more questions.
    3. Boomerang: Sometimes I need to "go" for a while…I need my down-time, but I always come back, because we are at heart social animals
    4. Rubick's cube: Complicated, but so worth all the trouble.

    I could only think of four. I'm sure there's something that represents my love for writing, but I don't know what that would be. My brain hurts. lol
    Gretchen, you make my heart smile. Be well, be happy.
    xo Jane

  • Craftimax

    Never thought of doing this, but gave it a try and here are mine:
    Bible – wisdom, knowledge, truth, guidance
    Infinity symbol – Never ending love of God and spending eternity with Him
    Butterfly – my life goes through stages and changes
    Lavender plant – The beauty of nature and the color of royalty (I am a child of the King of kings)
    Hands – My creative endeavors
    Cross – Forgiveness for me and mine to others
    Garden – Growth, my parents, my children
    Diamond – A reminder that the diamond must endure pressure to become its beautiful self so the pressures of life are making me to become more beautiful

  • Cindy Hubbard

    I stumbled on this in the morning…it has captured my imagination and inspired me to think of what my symbols are. Actually many of the symbols have shown up repeatedly in my life. Hearts. Hearts show up at my house. As empty spots in the snow, or tire tracks in my driveway. A coffee splash in the microwave. Thank you so much for sharing your idea of your own personal symbols. I ended up sharing your idea with 3 other people today.