The Days Are Long, But the Years Are Short.

A thoughtful reader sent me the link to a conversation between Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg, about Arianna Huffington’s new book Thrive.  (To see an interview I did with Arianna Huffington, look here).

In the email, the reader said, “They talked about your story! 26 minutes in.

Well, it’s not 100% clear that, at minute 26, they were specifically referring to my story, The Years Are Short, but the description certainly fits. And of everything that I’ve ever written, that short video story — with its single sentence, “The days are long, but the years are short” — seems to resonate most deeply with people.

If you’ve never seen it, here’s my one-minute video, The Years Are Short:


Here’s the video of the conversation about Thrive, with the reference at minute 26:


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  • Avrum Nadigel

    Gretchen – I don’t follow everything you do, but this one thing… this you hit out of the park. Helpful and moving.

  • Penelope Schmitt

    I have a grandson who just turned a year old at the end of January. I know the days and nights can still be long for his Mom and Dad, but to me it seems as though his baby days are streaking past like a shooting star. It’s tough to be far away and not able to visit too often. Thank goodness for photos and videos that I get all the time on the phone!

  • Lynn

    Gosh, whoever that reader is, I’d like to say ‘Thank You!’ Thanks to you too, Gretchen for posting the link to the Commonwealth event. That whole video is SO worth watching!

    I’ve worked in technology for almost 25 years. The last few years I’ve been working directly in Silicon Valley, which is definitely the place that values no sleep workaholic-ism. It was wonderful to hear both ladies address the very issues I struggle with more and more in my career. In an industry where women are already scarce in leadership roles, it’s hard to speak out. Seeing these two very successful women discuss this so openly has helped me see that it’s ok to different from the guys. It’s not my issue to solve if men are upset when I succeed using different methods than they do.

    The years are, indeed, short. It’s important to measure success by your own yardstick. It’s good to thrive.

  • Thanks for sharing the video, Gretchen.

    It’s really true when I think about it.

  • Stacey Shubitz

    Love the video. It’s so important to remember not to fritter away our days.

  • Thanks for sharing the video, I love it! Do you have other videos like this? Would love to see more of your works.

  • I have this quote pinned in my home office as a daily reminder to cherish those moments which, in the moment they happen, seem disposable. I love this video – and I included it in a blog post I wrote about freezing the day, the moments we have with our children. Thank you for your inspiration!

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