A Little Happier: Stressed? Try This.

It’s a Secret of Adulthood, and one that never fails me: When I give more to myself, I can ask more from myself.

What are your healthy treats? We should all load ourselves with healthy treats! (Pictured: my idea of a healthy treat. Not for everyone, but works for me.)

I hope you’re enjoying the new mini-episodes. I love doing them.

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  • Jacqueline Currie

    I just love this, before I start a day of cleaning I give myself the little treat of watching one of my favorite shows. I find that after I get that energy boost from treating myself, I am ready to tackle my day of chores!

  • Mimi Gregor

    I am SO with you on the library! It feels to me the way Disneyland must feel to a kid. I have a lengthy library list, read voraciously, and it really perks me up to go to the library — even just to return something. It’s my happy place.

  • I agree. I try to do little things through out the days to make myself happier. Treats, favorite songs, wine 😉

  • Amanda M.

    I like to take walks on my lunch breaks as treats. Often times I don’t bring my wallet either to help keep it free and as a way to get out and be active. I echo Gretchen’s thoughts about the library too. I work at my local library and its rewarding to return and pick up holds. The library is a wonderful learning resource for your community!

  • Donna

    I enjoy the library too. My most favorite treat is to take an art book outside and sit in the backyard and read it cover to cover while enjoying nature all around me. All senses of pleasure are functioning.

  • I love the idea of actually looking at that little ‘something’ as actually a little treat for myself. My little treat is not free, but it’s cheap and I can do it for pocket change: I get myself a new nail polish. I go to Walmart and pick out a color that catches my eye at that moment and it only costs me $2.00 at the most. I do this about once every two weeks. Right now my color is “Island Coral” by Sinful Colors. (and my nails aren’t long and pretty but I don’t care) 😀

  • Amy

    Does taking an afternoon nap count as a treat? I love sleeping on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon!

  • Dorit Sasson

    Love the idea of giving yourself a healthy treat! I am so with you on the library treat – great going and great inspiration!

  • Denise Horbaly

    Standing still allows me to move forward. There are times when it is useful to give myself permission to be still. I doesn’t happen often but when I do, I am re-energized for days going forward.