Ta-Da! Announcing My New App, Better — to Understand and Apply the Four Tendencies

I have an exciting announcement.

Ever since I first came up with the Four Tendencies framework, I’ve been more and more interested in it — and more and more people keep asking me questions about it. (Don’t know about the framework? Don’t know if you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? Go here.)

People want information about the Four Tendencies, and they also want help — they email because they’re eager to join an accountability group, they want to work with a coach who understands the Tendencies, they want to apply the framework with their medical patients or as a manager at work or with their coaching clients. And I hear from a lot of parents who want to use the Tendencies (especially parents of Rebels).

I’m finishing up my book The Four Tendencies (sign up here to hear when it goes on sale in summer 2017), but I also wanted a way for people to exchange ideas and questions. I’ve been staggered by people’s brilliant insights, imaginative solutions, and compelling examples. Henry James couldn’t do better.

So — TA-DA! Presenting my new app Better, an app to help you harness the Four Tendencies framework to create a better life. You can use it as an app on your phone, or you can use it on your desktop.

Why Join?

1. Go deeper into topics related to the Four Tendencies, with access to exclusive conversations, live chats, and the latest research

2. Meet other Obligers, Questioners, Upholders, and Rebels like you to get support, encouragement, and ideas for navigating your Tendency—as well as navigating other people’s Tendencies.

3. Join Accountability Groups tailored to your specific Tendency, one crafted by me and my team. Imagine your own Better Accountability Group—always with you, right in your pocket, where you’ll instantly meet the most relevant members to you and find information about the topics that most interest you — self-management, work, parenting, relationships, health.

4. You may already lead or belong to an Accountability Group — you’re a doctor trying to help your diabetes patients manage their blood sugar, or you’re a trainer trying to help your clients stick to their work-outs, or you’re a dietician trying to help people eat better, or you’ve got a Happiness Project group with your friends. The Better app makes it much easier for that group to connect and to hold each other accountable.

5. The app is easy to use — and fun to use. Really!


It’s entirely FREE!



Mighty Networks is my technology partner. If you have questions about how to use the app, contact the excellent team for Better at help@mightynetworks.com.

You can also check the FAQs for Members.


In the app, you can read about topics such as Work & Career, Love & Relationships, Children & Parenting, Achieving Goals, Productivity, Building Habits, Better Health,  and Guiding Teams, Patient, or Clients.

You can also follow  a topic on each Tendency —  to understand yourself better, if that’s your Tendency, or to understand other people better.

In FAQs, you’ll find common questioners answered.

My favorite topic? Fun with the Four Tendencies. This is where to find fun posts — for instance, I like to posts examples from TV shows and movies of the Four Tendencies, or include signage, or “screw in a light bulb” jokes, and so on. Fun!

Better App Tutorial from Mighty Networks on Vimeo.

Check it out!

I’m really, really excited about this app. We can all learn so much from each other — and the app makes this super-easy, and super-fun to do. I’m so fascinated by the conversation there that it’s actually making it hard for me to get my other work done.

Join, explore — and let me know what you think!

And if you like using the app, I’d so appreciate it if you would rate and review it, and tell your friends about it. That’s a big help.

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  • Anna

    I saw an email about this, specifically aimed at Obligers. Was it the same email to everyone, or specific to people who had taken the Four Tendencies Quiz? I did get Obliger originally, and then was a bit more honest with myself and got Rebel. I’m interested to know if there’s a Rebel email I missed.

  • Robin Mandel

    Is the app a contract or can you quit if it sucks?

    • gretchenrubin

      Yes, you can quit!

  • Elaine

    Hi everyone!

    I cannot read any articles in the Better app. Everytime I click on an article, it shows the comments in the front of the article and I can’t read the text itself, just the discussion. I would appreciate to hear if anyone faced the same problem or any tipps!

    Thank you

    • gretchenrubin

      Hey – thanks for letting me know. Stay tuned, I’ll get back to you on this. Sorry about the annoyance!