Podcast 94: Don’t Treat Yourself, an Interview with Jonathan Fields, and Two Podcasts Recommendations.

It’s time for the next installment of  Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

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Try This at Home: Don’t treat yourself. We talked before in episode 9 about why you should treat yourself, and in Better Than Before, I have a whole chapter on how healthy treats can help us stick to our good habits — but the opposite of a profound truth is also true, so it’s also true that we shouldn’t treat ourselves.

If you’re curious to read more about loopholes, here’s a list of all ten categories of loopholes. I get the biggest kick out of the loopholes.

If you want to read more about the idea of making a planned exception, I discuss my friend’s “pie policy” here.

Happiness Hack: Clare suggests, “If you travel, put a work shoe in the safe, so you won’t leave the hotel without checking the safe.”

Interview: Jonathan Fields, author of How to Live a Good Life and the podcast Good Life Project. To take the quiz Jonathan mentions, go here.

I mention that I’ve launched an app, the Better app, to help people learn about the Four Tendencies — and also to help people form Accountability Groups (Obligers, I’m thinking about you!). Learn all about it here. Don’t know about the Four Tendencies — about whether you’re an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? Learn about the framework and take the quiz here.

Gretchen’s Demerit: I dithered on an important decision.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star: Elizabeth recommends two podcasts: The Other F Word, where the “f word” here is “failure, and Short & Sweet, which is about “adulting.”

And once again, here’s the link to the Happier 911 playlist on Spotify.

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  • mom2luke

    I like his three buckets: Vitality/enegy, Contribution, and shoot. Work?
    I was so sure I’d remember they made so much sense…what were they again?

    • mom2luke

      oh! Of course the most impt thing for we humans who are social animals: CONNECTION.. got it from your link to his quiz above:

      “Quick redux – think of your life as three buckets: Vitality, Connection and Contribution. Your Vitality Bucket is about optimizing your state of mind and body. Your Connection Bucket is about cultivating deep and meaningful relationships. And, your Contribution Bucket is about the way you contribute to the world.

      A good life happens when all three are full. Snapshot360 is a simple tool we’ve designed to help you quickly assess where each bucket is now, so that you can figure out where to focus your energies.

      For each bucket, you will get your “Bucket Score,” a number out of 100 that reveals how full/empty that bucket is. Then, it’s up to you to give your buckets the love needed to top them off. You find many ideas to do just that in Jonathan’s book.

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