The Thought of Mary Tyler Moore Always Makes Me Happy.

I was so sad to hear that Mary Tyler Moore has died. What a presence she had in our imaginations! Her show was on from 1970-1977, and yet the character she played is still familiar.

In 1999, the magazine Entertainment Weekly chose Mary Richards’s tossing her hat into the air as the second-great TV moment of the 1970s.

For me, it’s one of the happiest moments of all of TV. It gives me a chill, and lifts my spirits, every time I see it. It’s a moment of joyful, unself-conscious exuberance.

What an extraordinary image to leave behind.

  • Sarah Tamiian

    we love her so much on the Dick Van Dyke show

  • statmam

    In tribute, I’m planning to binge watch at least one season of The MTM Show this weekend. I always felt an affinity for the Mary Richards character, not just because she was an independent woman making her own way in the world, but because she was a rational, conscientious woman who lived and worked with wacky people…which seemed to be the direction my life was taking as well. Viewing my world as a sitcom-in-progress has frequently helped me detach from absurd situations that would otherwise frustrate, and it all started with Mary Tyler Moore.