A Little Happier: With Just a Few Words, We Can Help Others See Themselves Differently.

My daughter Eleanor made me see myself in an entirely new light.

Instead of (with ample justification, I must admit) teasing me for the outfit I’d pulled together to help keep me warm, she said with admiration, “You look like Han Solo!”

Who, of course, is one of the intrepid heroes of the Star Wars saga.

That’s right, I looked like Han Solo.

Has anyone ever said something that made you see yourself in an entirely new way? Words matter.

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 Happier listening!

  • When I was in high school, I had braces, glasses and a bad perm. It was as attractive as it sounds. The little boy I babysat for told me that when he grew up, he wanted “things on his teeth” and glasses too. To this day, it’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received!

  • Mimi Gregor

    …And then you pulled your laser-blaster out of your boot and held it aloft, thereby completing the ensemble….

  • Serena

    i’m training for my first triathlon and i recently received the suit i ordered a while ago, basically a mix between a swimming suit and a cyclist short, i took it out of the package and was thinking.. so not sexy hrrr.. and my boyfriend looked at the suit and said, that’s a superhero costume, awesome! So now i’m a superhero 😀

    • gretchenrubin

      LOVE IT!

  • LS Thomas

    Hi Gretchen,
    Just a quick note on that technical issue. When this page loads, a sponsored video starts playing further down the page. It drowns out your audio with shooting sounds and people exclaiming about how much fun it is to be shot at. Besides thinking that they should join the Army, I thought it might be a useful to alert you to what your listeners’ experience on the site.
    BTW there are some homemade yogi (Indian) stovetop tea recipes which contain black peppercorns, among other things, that will warm you up for hours.

    • gretchenrubin

      Stay tuned! I’m going to launch a redesigned version of my website in a few weeks, and then those ads will vanish.
      For now, it’s tough to get rid of them, but they will be gone soon.