“The Colour of the Leaves in Autumn Would Be Nothing Without the Feeling that Accompanies It.”

“The colour of the leaves in autumn would be nothing without the feeling that accompanies it.”

–William Hazlitt, “The Indian Jugglers” in Selected Writings

My color obsession continues. I see colors — and references to colors — everywhere. What a beautiful preoccupation!

Is there a place in your life where seeing a certain set of colors inspires certain emotions? For instance, the colors of the ocean, or the color scheme of your childhood kitchen?



  • Catseye

    Yes, I’m very sensitive to colors and certain colors have meaning for me. For instance, I remember when my parents bought a house when I was a teen and mom had the kitchen painted in yellow and brown. I really loved the color scheme, but didn’t realize why until I was older. I prefer food colors (red, green, yellow, brown) in a kitchen/dining area. This is so important to me that I was grossed out when a friend showed me the blue tile in the kitchen in her new home. Blue tile belongs in a bathroom, not a kitchen! Good thing she no longer owns that house. ;o)

  • Victoria De Luca

    For me, emotions have colors. I like to use colors to ‘lean in to’ or change an emotion. I often choose what color to wear based on the mood I want to create for the day – energetic, calming, adventurous or serene.
    I love to knit and crochet – wool in the winter and cotton in the summer. It brings me the most calm when the color of my yarn matches my mood or my surroundings. I love to knit warm rich colors in the fall, and blossom colors in the spring. I have a project with blues greens and turquoise which I knit by the sea.
    However, I am struggling with a project I am knitting for my husband, as both the stitch and the color (grey) leaves me uninspired.

  • Anna Geisenhoff

    The colors of the ocean definitely speak to me, and bring a sense of peace and calmness to my soul like nothing else can….when my daughter moved out of state to go to grad school, my husband and I turned her room into a little sanctuary for me, and painted it a very pale, light blue. I have slowly brought in pictures of the ocean and other blue-colored items into the room, and it has become one of my favorite places to be in my house. Whenever I walk into the room I immediately feel my heart rate go down, and feel so relaxed and calm. Being on a beach, gazing out at the ocean is my number one happy place, and having my serene blue room to retreat to helps me to connect to those “happy place emotions.”