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Agree, Disagree? Often It Takes Discipline To Take Pleasure.

Agree, Disagree? Often It Takes Discipline To Take Pleasure.

One of the mysteries of human nature is: Why do we sometimes have to force ourselves to do the things we enjoy? —even the things we yearn to do?

A friend exemplified this perfectly when she said, “I love yoga. I look forward to it, I enjoy it when it’s happening, and I feel good when I look back on it. So why can’t I make myself go to yoga class?”

It seems like it shouldn’t be true, but it is true: often it takes discipline to take pleasure.

I have to push myself to take time to read a book, even though reading is my favorite thing to do.  I have to force myself to stop in the flower shop to buy a gardenia plant--which, by the way, I've been trying to get myself to do for days, but haven't yet successfully done.

Do you ever face this? That there's something you love to do, and is good for you, yet somehow you can't get yourself to do it?

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