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Help Me. My Mind is a Blank.

Help Me. My Mind is a Blank.

Help me! My mind is an utter blank.

As I write about in Happier at Home, in (no surprise) the January chapter, I now try to choose a single word or phrase as an overarching theme for my year.

I lifted the idea from my sister the sage. One year she picked "Free Time," another year, "Hot Wheels."

For the year I write about in Happier at Home, I chose the word "Bigger," and my sister chose "Smaller." (It's a Secret of Adulthood: the opposite of a profound truth is also true.)

I've heard of many great themes: Action, Play, Healthy, Answers, Adventure, Forbearance, Create, Slower, Reach.

I want to come up with an excellent theme for 2014, but I can't think of a single one, and time is running out. I

Any suggestions?

Have you tried choosing a word or phrase to set the theme for your year? It's been really interesting for me to see how effective it is. I loved the theme "Bigger," and was initially tempted to use it again, but then decided that recycling a theme is hardly the "bigger" way to think.

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