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Eager to Change Your Habits? This Will Make It More Convenient.

Eager to Change Your Habits? This Will Make It More Convenient.

I'm very excited to announce that Better Than Before: A Day-by-Day Journal has hit the shelves!

I really love this journal.

Many people have told me that once they read Better Than Before, they were eager to get cracking on their habits -- so eager, in fact, that the process could seem a little overwhelming. So much to do, and to try.

That's where the Journal comes in handy. By organizing your thoughts, it makes the process much easier.  The Journal will help you identify what habits you want to change, figure out what strategies to use, track your progress -- and actually change your habits.

There's  a lot of tips and information meant to make habit-change easier, plus room to write your own comments. Using the Journal will make it easier to apply the ideas and principles from Better Than Before to your own experience. It's a companion book that will deepen your understanding.

Many people have told me that the "don't break the chain" system works well for them, so the Journal's "Habit Tracker" allows you to mark that chain as you go. (If you want to read more on this subject, it's in Better Than Before, in the chapter on the Strategy of Starting.)

Don't worry about starting on January 1. The Journal starts at "Week 1," and you fill in the dates. So you can start at any point. Remember,  as the Habits Manifesto states, once we're ready to begin, we should begin now.

One of the most powerful strategies is the Strategy of Convenience. By making it convenient -- and pleasant -- to keep track of how you're doing, you make it easier on yourself to keep up with it.

The Better Than Before Journal a tool, and a resource, and it's also meant to be a kind of memento! Your record of how you're better than before.

It really is worth tackling our habits. After all, about forty percent of our daily lives is shaped by our habits. Habits shape our existence--and our future. If we change our habits, we can change our lives.

Order now from Amazon; Barnes & Noble; Indiebound

For you library fans and audio-fans...this isn't that kind of book. For this, you need ye olde paper. To see the inside, click here to watch a quick video I made. 

Have you ever used a journal -- or any kind of record-making -- to help you change your habits in the past? Was it a useful exercise?

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