It’s Back for 2018! Make Your Days Happier with the Page-a-Day Calendar.

It’s Back for 2018! Make Your Days Happier with the Page-a-Day Calendar.

For several years now, I've done a Page-a-Day calendar based on The Happiness Project and all my writings about human nature. The calendar proved to be very popular, which makes me very...happy!

When I go to book events, people often tell me that they love using the calendar, and sometimes even ask me to sign the page of a particular date that had special significance.

Now the 2018 Page-a-Day Calendar is available, and like the others, it's crammed with tips, ideas, and quotes for how to build a happier life. (Never fear, even if you've used the earlier calendars, the 2018 material is new.)

I get particular satisfaction from working on this calendar. For my whole life, my family has had the tradition of giving Page-a-Day calendars to each other as gifts. I get the Word-a-Day calendar in my Christmas stocking each year. My younger daughter loves her Page-a-Day with cartoons from The New Yorker. The whole time I was growing up, my father always got the Gary Larson Page-a-Day; we're all huge fans of "The Far Side" ("Cat fud.") He kept it on his desk at his office, and when there was an especially good cartoon, he'd bring it home to show us. He even mailed me some of the pages when I was in college.

I love this way of taking in information in a bite-sized, day-by-day way. Thinking about one idea each day feels helpful and manageable, and gives a feeling of slow and steady progress.

 Calendars are available now! Order yours today.

If you're inclined to buy a calendar, you might want to go ahead and order it. Over the years, I've heard from many people who wanted to buy the calendar after it was out of stock. (As you can imagine, calendar publishers try hard not to be left with too many left-over calendars, so they're conservative in how many they print).

As always, if you'd like to give the calendar or a book as gifts, sign up here to get free, personalized bookplates for the recipient. U.S. and Canada only, sorry, mailing costs. Or request a bookplate for yourself, of course.

I hope you find the calendar an engaging tool as you try to make your life a little happier. It's not about perfection -- it's about being better than before.

Are you a fan of these kinds of calendars -- ones that give you more than just the dates? I love them.

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