Do You Need a Jump-Start to Get a Boost of Energy Around a New Habit?

Women jumping in the air with red tennis shoes

Earlier this year I launched a series of Jump-Starts—collections of tips and tools designed to help you start or restart a habit. Each Jump-Start includes a free 7-day SMS challenge, a downloadable PDF worksheet, products from The Happiness Project Collection, and tips for using the Happier™ app to support your aim.

I’ve heard from many listeners and readers about what they’re working on, and I’ve created Jump-Starts to address some of the most popular aims:

  • Movement—Creating a habit of movement or exercise that you’ll stick to.
  • Rest—Finding ways to incorporate rest, or restful activities, into your routine.
  • Inner Calm—Clearing inner clutter to gain mental clarity and focus, and cultivating inner calm.
  • Outer Order—Tips for tackling clutter, and strategies to build habits that keep it clear.
  • Friendship—Strengthening existing friendships and making new connections.
  • Coming soon…Reading!

If you’ve tried one of the Jump-Starts, I’d love to hear from you.
Did it give your habit a boost? Which tools did you find the most helpful? What additional tools would you like to see? What other habits or aims do you want to jump-start?



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