Introducing… the Jump-Start Series!

Jump start cables

Sometimes, when we’re building a habit, we need a boost.

Maybe we know we need to start a habit, but find it hard to begin. Or maybe we’ve started, but we’ve run out of energy. We need to recharge our battery.

So how do you give yourself a jump-start? Introducing…the Jump-Start Series!

I’m creating a series of “jump-starts” based on people’s actual responses to the question, “What are you working on in 2022?

The first jump-start is for Movement. So many people want to include more movement in their 2022: by walking, running, practicing yoga, stretching, strength-training, gardening, using a treadmill desk, and more.

Each jump-start will offer several tools, so you can choose what works for you. Or use them all!

  • a free SMS challenge—for seven days, you’ll get prompts to remind you to stick to your habit and reflect on ways to build it into your daily routine
  • a free PDF worksheet to help you know yourself better and customize your routine so it works for you
  • tips for using the Happier app to keep your habits more easily and effectively
  • conversations on Instagram Live to discuss questions, swap tips, and get encouragement
  • suggestions for beautiful tools that could make your habit easier or more pleasant to keep

Often, when we struggle with a habit, we haven’t set it up in the way that’s right for us. Surprisingly often, small tweaks can make a dramatic difference in how easily a habit is maintained. These tools are meant to help you identify ways to customize a habit to suit your particular nature, values, and circumstances.

Because so many people are enthusiastically joining #Rest22in22, the next jump-start will be “Rest.”

What other jump-starts would you like to see?

What other tools would you like to see included in the jump-start?



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