The Fun Part Doesn’t Come Later; Now Is the Fun Part

Gretchen aphorism

From Further Secrets of Adulthood.

I remind myself of this often.

For instance, when I’m writing a book, and I’m thinking of how nice it will be to have it published and out in the world, I remind myself, “Ah, but the research! The writing! The editing! These are the fun parts.”

My father often reminded my sister and me to “Enjoy the process.” It’s important, I’ve realized because when you enjoy the process, you don’t depend on any particular outcome. 

I wrote about this Secret of Adulthood, in relationship to parenting, in my one-minute video, The Years Are Short. Of everything I’ve ever written, I think this short video resonates most with people.

How about you? Do you remind yourself that now is the fun part? And, of course, all we really have is now.



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