Five things I published this month

My Iris Murdoch reading kick continues; her novels are unlike any other novels. I love a realistic novel that includes the supernatural, and Murdoch also has an aphoristic and gnomic style. For instance, I keep thinking of this line, from A Severed Head: “The best thing about being God would be making the heads.”


Gretchen Rubin

5 Things I Published This Month



On How to Find Happiness in the Ordinary

Learn why St. Therese of Lisieux is my spiritual teacher, how I came to love children’s literature, and why we might need a “Seminary for Accidental Gurus” in this episode of “The Sacred” podcast with Elizabeth Oldfield.

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Talking with Dr. Becky about Parenting and the “Four Tendencies” Personality Framework

Dr. Becky and I had a fascinating (to me) and in-depth conversation on the Four Tendencies and parenting. I introduce her to the Four Tendencies framework, and we discuss how it can help parents better to understand their kids, their partners, and themselves, all in service of happiness.

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A Friend Is Startled by Her Realization—About Skiing

A casual conversation during brunch caused my friend to reevaluate her attitude toward skiing. I posted this story on social media, and many people have responded with similar realizations in the comments. It’s a Secret of Adulthood: Just because something’s fun for someone else doesn’t mean it’s fun for you, and vice versa.

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A Major Milestone, Getting Ideas for What to Watch or Read, & Survivor

We talk about a major milestone we just reached: one thousand episodes! Plus we discuss what suggestions for watching, reading, and listening we’ve gotten from our children, and Elizabeth mentions a TV show she’s looking forward to watching.

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A Secret to Bonding with Your Kids

A parenting hack I wish I’d learned earlier is to try to share in your child’s enthusiasm. It’s a great way to find new interests, together.

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