Gretchen Rubin

A Little Happier: Whatever You Do, You Will Still Be You.


Early in my work life, I had a very stern and very wise boss, who said many things that I’ve never forgotten.

I remember once, in a rare moment when we were having a more personal conversation, I said something about the fact that while Jamie and I definitely wanted to have children, I was unsettled by seeing how much it seemed to change some people that I knew. I was surprised and puzzled by how different they seemed, afterward.

I said it, but I didn’t really think she’d quite get what I meant, somehow. I wasn’t expressing myself very well. But she gave me a long look and said, “Remember, whatever you do, you will still be you.”

And that reminder was very comforting to me then, and I’ve thought of it at many times ever since. It’s so obvious, but nevertheless I find it a very reassuring reminder: whatever transition I’m going through, whatever challenge I face, I will still be me.

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