Podcast 179: Make Each Day of the Week Distinctive, Use the Internet to Solve Problems, and Why Is “18 for 2018” So Fun?

Try This at Home

Make each day of the week distinctive. This idea was inspired by Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Ma tells Laura:

Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday, Mend on Wednesday, Churn on Thursday, Clean on Friday, Bake on Saturday, Rest on Sunday.

Happiness Hack

If you’re struggling with a problem, check the internet—so often, it contains solutions. Here’s the video that helped Eleanor to start putting in her contacts. Now she wears them every day. 

Happiness Stumbling Block

Too many words! I get far too riled up.

Listener Question

Pamela asks, “I’m not successful at making New Year’s resolutions, but I’m doing a great job with my ’18 for 2018′ list—and also finding it fun. Why?” If you want to take the quiz to find out if you’re an Obliger like Pamela, or an Upholder, Questioner, or Rebelthe quick, free quiz is here

Gretchen’s Demerit: Our summer weekends have been pleasant but not memorable. Because we’re just hanging out, not going on adventures, nothing stands out vividly, and every day runs together.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star: Elizabeth highly recommends the 30 for 30 podcast’s five-part series on Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram yoga.


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