Podcast 235: Talking Happiness with Bestselling Author Rachel Hollis and the Fun of Recreating a Childhood Menu.

Try This at Home

Recreate the menus from childhood—whether in memory or in real life.

Happiness Hack

Put a sticker on your earbuds and phone charger, so you can tell which ones belong to you.


Rachel Hollis is a phenomenon. She’s a writer, podcaster, and speaker. Her books Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing have been giant, enormous bestsellers.

She has a terrific podcast called Rise with Rachel Hollis—I was just on, in episode 106—where she talks to interesting people to give people ideas about how to make life better as well as the podcast Rise Together which she hosts with her husband Dave, which is about relationships. She has a website with all kinds of great posts, The Chic Site.

Gretchen’s Demerit

I didn’t use bug spray in Montana, even though I knew from experience how bad the mosquitoes can get.

Elizabeth’s Gold Star

She gives a gold star to Postmates, because she just realized that you can time your delivery in advance.

And I give a gold star to Elizabeth, for having people over.


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