Podcast 290: Very Special Episode: An Extravaganza of Hacks! Hacks for Relationships, Pandemic, Clutter, Travel, and More.


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Very Special Episode

An extravaganza of hacks!

Pandemic hacks:

  • If you can’t travel for vacation, take a week off and unplug completely from the internet.
  • In place of a traditional journal, take screenshots of texts to remember this season.
  • Start a Power-Craft-Hour to keep up with creative projects: set a Zoom time to work on projects with friends as they work on their own projects. (This is a twist on our idea of Power Hour.) Particularly good for Obligers who need accountable time for creative time. Along the same lines, for work, a listener suggested the app FocusMate.
  • Use a hanging organizer to store face masks.
  • Use lunch boxes to organize kids’ school materials. This is a good example of our Try-This-at-Home question, “Do I already own this?
  • Include surprise guests to enliven group Zoom calls.

Relationship hacks:

  • Use the 1-10 scale to decide who should make a decision; the person who cares the most gets to make the choice.
  • When you hug your kids, wait for them to let go first.
  • If you’re feeling annoyed by your sweetheart or spouse, practice gratitude for the “marvelous mundane.”
  • When trying to make conversation—for instance, an adult trying to make conversation with a college student—ask a question for which you know this person has an actual answer. It’s much less stressful.
  • From Kate Bowler of the terrific Everything Happens podcast: If you’re going through a challenging time, pick “one small, dumb thing” that makes you happy—and tell everyone. I mention the fascinating journals of May Sarton, such as Journal of a Solitude (AmazonBookshop).

Parenting hacks: 

  • Set aside a “quiet time” after lunch each day.
  • Listen to an audiobook during lunch time to minimize bickering and noise.

#Walk20in20 hacks:

Travel hacks:

  • Pack your shoes in a hotel shower cap to safeguard your clean clothes.
  • As the very last thing you do, conduct a final room sweep. But this sweep must be the very last thing you do.

Clutter hacks:

  • Participate in a”Buy Nothing” Facebook group in your neighborhood.
  • Before starting to clean a messy kitchen, consolidate everything to one area.
  • To open a plastic bag, gently stretch the plastic.

I must mention that Outer Order, Inner Calm is one giant hack list!

Lightning Round of hacks:

  • Stand while talking on the phone to boost your executive function, increase your focus, and use energy.
  • Re-purpose beautiful serving knives (such as a silver cake knife) into book weights.
  • Use Google Translate’s audio feature to hear how to pronounce a proper name.
  • To get full use out of towels, clothes, and sheets, flip the stack over.
  • You can’t be angry if your armpits are exposed. “Hands up, baby! Hands up!” (Of all the hacks, this may be my favorite.)
  • Keep the roll of fresh trash bags at the bottom of the trash can.
  • To chill a bottle quickly, wrap it in a wet paper towel before putting it in the fridge.
  • From Gretchen: To make sure someone can’t read text that you’ve crossed out, write random words over the original text.
  • From Elizabeth: Listen to a podcast while you do your grocery shopping.

To hear Elizabeth’s bonus hack, listen to the very end of the episode—what we call the “button.” (We do a button for every episode.)

Keep sending in your brilliant hacks! We love a great hack.


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