Podcast 6: Try “Power Hour,” Consider Envy, Back Up Your Phone, and Enjoy the Process

Try This at Home

Try a weekly “Power Hour.” This is a habit that’s working very well for me; Elizabeth is intrigued.

Gretchen aphorism

Know Yourself Better

Ask yourself the uncomfortable question, “Whom do I envy?

Listener Question: Our first recorded listener question! “Is there any science behind the happiness we get happiness from helping others?”

Elizabeth’s Demerit

Elizabeth learns, the hard way, about the importance of backing up the data on your smart-phone. On the bright side, though, her Candy Crush account was wiped out! If you listened to episode #2, you know that Elizabeth was battling a serious Candy Crush habit. Now she’s free.

Gretchen’s Gold Star

I give a gold star to our father, who always remind us to “Enjoy the process.”




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