More Happier: Happiness on the Subway, the Fun of Watching Old Movies, and More on Clearing Clutter

Something Making Us (More) Happier

  • Elizabeth: She and her writing partner Sarah Fain are planning a work trip to Seattle. If you’d like to attend their meet-up, get the details from the Happier in Hollywood Facebook Group.
  • Gretchen: I’m enjoying thinking about clearing clutter, a subject I find strangely energizing — as illustrated by the fact that I wrote the book Outer Order, Inner Calm.

I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

When I ride the subway, it makes me so happy to see all the people using their riding time to study.

Spotlight on a Tool

On my website, check out my new Organization Hub — great information to help you get started on spring de-cluttering.

Quality Screen Time

Reading the memoir My Name is Barbra (Amazon, Bookshop)  inspired Elizabeth to watch the classic movies  A Star Is Born and The Way We Were.


“The hallmark of a decision in line with one’s inner development is a feeling of having laid down a burden and picked up a more natural responsibility.” —Anne Truitt, Daybook: The Journal of an Artist (Amazon, Bookshop




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