More Happier: Secrets of a Successful “Summer of Health” and Reading More, Plus Hacks for Easier Holiday Prep

Something Making Us (More) Happier

  • Elizabeth: Watching Jack mature and work toward his own aims.
  • Gretchen: Eleanor applied early to college–she has submitted all her paperwork.

How’s That Going For You? 

I ask Elizabeth how she has been so successful in her “Summer of Health.”

Elizabeth mentions the “Strategy of the Lightning Bolt“, one of 21 strategies for habit change from Better Than Before, my book about habit change.

Spotlight On A Tool

To help people prepare and enjoy the holidays, I created a Holiday Jump-Start. It has tips and ideas for making the holidays more fun and less stressful.

It has know-yourself-better questions, travel hacks, suggestions for using the Happier app, and a holiday bingo card.

I’ve Been Meaning To Tell You 

I figured out a way to read more great books: Read fewer mediocre books!


At the still heart of parenthood is the intractable fact that we can protect our children neither from our own failings nor from fate.

Anne Truitt, Prospect: the Journal of an Artist (Amazon, Bookshop)




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