More Happier: What It’s Like to Uncover a Family Secret, the Value of Refurbishing Your Office, and Maj-Jongg

This week, we have a co-host—author, podcaster, and old friend and teacher Dani Shapiro.

In episode 212, we talked about Dani’s memoir Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love. It was the very first choice for the Happier Podcast Book Club.

Dani’s book Still Writing: The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life just came out in its tenth anniversary edition.

Dani also has a terrific podcast, Family Secrets.

Something Making Us (More) Happier

  • Elizabeth: She finally hosted a group for mah-jongg.
  • Dani: She loves her Zoom yoga class.
  • Gretchen: We just had a sixtieth wedding anniversary party for my in-laws.

Something I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You

Elizabeth and I asked Dani how her view of her work changed after she discovered her family secret.

Spotlight on a Tool

It’s almost spring, which is a great time for the “Go Outside 23 in 23” challenge. For more inspiration, check out the new aims added in the Happier app — look under “Resources.”

I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You

Elizabeth wanted to tell Dani that she’d been particularly interested by a story Dani told in Still Writing, about how her office had grown stale and a new chaise longue made it feel invigorated.


Dani read a paragraph from her book Still Writing.




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