The Gift-Giving Quiz


Struggling to find the perfect gift? When you learn your recipient’s gift-appreciation profile—whether that person is an Easy-to-Please, a Tried-and-True, an Enthusiast, or a Connoisseur—you’ll be able to make a great choice.

Nothing is more satisfying than presenting the perfect gift to someone we love, but it can be tough to know what to give.

Most of us have asked ourselves questions such as: Is it okay just to buy something off their wish list? Do I need to keep searching to find an exact item, or can I choose a reasonable substitution? If I splurge, will they care?

This quiz will help.

Answer eight simple questions about your recipient, and you’ll learn their gift-appreciation type—and knowing their type will answer your questions and spark your ideas.

By analyzing overlooked patterns in people’s behavior and preferences, this quiz is able to make surprisingly accurate predictions of the kinds of gifts that people want.

As you answer, consider what your gift-recipient would usually do. (Don’t worry about the exceptions or special situations.) People are a mix of types, but for most of us, one type predominates. You’ll receive your result by email, along with a description that will help you generate many great ideas for your recipient. You’ll also get a gift-giving planning sheet to make gift-giving more fun and less stressful.