How To Clear Clutter and Be More Festive, In One Stroke.

Yesterday, I scored a rare victory: I hit on a solution that allowed me to satisfy several resolutions, all meant to make my home more homey, in one stroke. I was able to:

I laid the groundwork for this solution last year, and yesterday, I saw it pay off.

Last Easter, I had a brilliant idea. I realized that, of the dozens of stuffed animals that cram our shelves, many were bunnies. I went around the apartment and gathered up all the bunnies I could find, stuck them into a bag, and put them away with the Easter decorations. (We have enough stuffed animals that my daughters didn’t notice the mass bunny disappearance.)

This year, when I was filling in for the Easter Bunny on Saturday night, I unpacked the several bunnies and sat them around the room (which took five minutes). I was impressed; it was an easy task, yet the bunnies’ color and whimsy added a lot to the holiday atmosphere.

Well, when my daughters emerged to hunt for their Easter eggs, they got a big kick out of the bunny explosion. My younger daughter played with the bunnies all day, even though she rarely plays with the stuffed animals in her room. These old toys were new and interesting, because she hadn’t seen them for a year.

I was thrilled: I gave myself a way to get neglected toys off the shelf, make them fun for my daughters again, and add to the festivity in our apartment—in a quick, painless way. Last night, I stuffed the bunnies back into a plastic bag, where they’ll sit until next Easter.

Very satisfying.

Have you found any quick, easy ways to make the holidays more festive? I love festivity, but I don’t love chores.

  • Darlene Duggan

    What a FANTASTIC idea, thanks for sharing!

  • Jhayslett

    My children are now 19 and 16 – and I hit on this same Easter/clutter clearing idea as they began to outgrow their many stuffed animals – about 10 years ago. We now have a tub that contains all of our special bunnies, chickens, ducks, bears (and pigs, etc. At our house, the Easter bunny comes after the children are in bed and all of the animals come out and decorate the kitchen along with the easter baskets. They still love it! The animals stay out for a week and then go back to the tub in the barn until next year. Before long, the kids will be out of the house and the tub can come out for grandchildren….

  • Karazoan

    We do that too, as well as with ” festive books” for Christmas it is penguins, snowmen, reindeer, etc that are put away. I never thought of it accomplishing so much!

  • Sarah Baroody

    Yes! I do the same thing for each holiday has its own stash of stuffed animals, pillows and books that get put away during the year. 🙂