Want a Personalized, Signed Bookplate for a Holiday Gift? Request Soon.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for personalized, signed bookplates for Happier at Home and The Happiness Project from people who want to give the books as holiday gifts. This makes me feel 1) stunned by the organization and foresight of such folks, and 2) pleased that people decide to give my books as gifts.

If you’re considering buying the books as gifts, and would like to request bookplates to make them more personal, I’m very happy, as always, to mail them to you. However, I have to admit it  I can’t always turn requests around quickly. So request now so that neither of us have to worry about the bookplates getting back to you in time for the holidays.

And think how happy you’ll be to cross some gift-buying tasks off your list! Nothing makes me feel happier than getting that perfect gift wrapped and ready, well before I intend to give it. (True, I experience this quite rarely, but it’s delightful when I do.) Books make great gifts; having a book personalized makes it feel more special.

If you’re not sure I’m talking about, check out the photo below. This bookplate is a specially designed sticker that I personalize and sign for someone to put in the front of his or her book. Like getting a book signed by the author, only by mail.

Obviously, I’m happy to sign and personalize a bookplate for you–it doesn’t have to be a gift! Request as many as you want. Free, of course.

Email me to tell me how many you’d like, and with what names, and be sure to include your mailing address. These are actual physical objects that I will mail to you. Alas, because of mailing issues, I can send only to U.S. and Canada. I’m truly sorry about that.

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  • BKF

    I ordered mine last week. So looking forward to receiving them! My mother and teenage niece will be delighted too! ( I ordered for their Christmas gifts!) It’s sweet that you do this extra nice thing for your readers, Gretchen. 🙂 Thank you.

    • gretchenrubin

      Great! I have a big stack to do this weekend so you’ll get them next week. I hope your mother and niece enjoy the book–

  • Alexis

    So sad to hear you cannot send it to Europe, but the book itself will be a nice present.