Secret of Adulthood: Don’t Wait Until You Have Some Free Time.

Further Secrets of Adulthood:


I have to remind myself that leisure is an activity that I have to put on my schedule — it’s not just the time that’s left over, when I have nothing else to do. Because I always have something else to do.

How about you? Do you ever struggle to keep time free?

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  • BKF

    So true. I have been waiting for “free time” to continue with my piano studies. (My last lesson was over a year ago.) I should just assign time to this. The other thing that inhibits me is perfectionism. I’m loathe to go to a lesson if my piece isn’t “perfect.” My new motto (from Lean In) is “Done is better than perfect.” 🙂

    • natasja

      Lean In from Sheryl Sandberg?

      • BKF


  • peninith1

    At the risk of being a completely repetitive BORE, this is where my kitchen timer comes in really handy. Only have 15 minutes before you have to go pick up the kids from soccer practice? before you have to go to work? set the timer and go at it. You will be astonished.

    Before I retired, I was able sometimes to come home for lunch. I often managed to squeeze in a few minutes at the sewing machine this way.

  • Shali

    Just what I need to think about at this time of year! Im retired and took what I thought was a “small job” to earn some extra money and to help out a new business owner. I soon found out that the things I needed to find time for (peanut butter balls for my boys at Christmas) was taking a back seat. I was stressing about it and realized from your blog Gretchen, that an hour or two when I got home could get the job done, and I’m a happier, more fulfilled mother and wife. You’re awesome!

  • molly

    So true…and I’m so guilty of waiting for free time!

  • maxwell ivey

    hello; like you did in your book for one month i have decided to make having more fun my resolution for the whole next year. merry christmas, max

  • fmc

    With 2 businesses I manage, 2 children (both teens,1 with autism), a mother with Alzheimer’s that I care for, a husband, a house, and 2 dogs, there is always something that has to get done. Finding time to relax and making myself relax is a challenge for me but I know it is so very necessary for my mental and physical well being.

    • peninith1

      Well, I think you just put all of our lives in a new perspective! Realizing that you HAVE to find time for yourself amid all those many challenges is a key to sanity and basic good health. My best regards to you as you soldier on, I hope with some ‘lightness’ as well as determination and courage!

  • Katrina

    Just once a week – I would like to find ONE day that has an extra 15 – 20 hours in it and the energy to use it for ME time….work on my quilting, not my filing, not on cooking, not on shopping, just time, time to read, volunteer….just be.

  • Deborah Lockridge

    This is definitely a challenge for me. I feel guilty scheduling time to scrapbook. But I feel so much happier when I do!

  • I totally struggle to keep time free. It can seem like every minute is used up in some way. But looking at my son + wife I realize that they really are the most important focus of my time. #Balance isn’t as easy as it would seem. // Nice pic too//.

  • Time is definitely something that I struggle with. A strategy that has helped me stay focus on on my priorities throughout the week is planing each week every Sunday evening. This helps me get centered and know what needs to get done for the following week. I’m also able to add in personal time such as walking in the mornings and reading before going to bed. There is a fine balance between being productive and spending quality of time to nurture your well being.

  • Carolyn

    Years ago, a few days after we had brought home a new and challenging puppy, my mother was hospitalized, as it turns out for the last time. I had one daughter away in college and one in high school. I was managing 3 households and carried around 3 grocery lists! I got my first migraine headache (didn’t know what it was!) during that time and still haven’t quite licked them yet. They seem to resurface when I’m especially stressed. They wipe me out for a couple of days which is not helpful to anyone so I’ve learned to notice the signs and dial things back if possible. Relaxing is important and doesn’t take up nearly as much time as illness.