Story: Preparation Is an Essential Part of Execution.

This week’s video story: Preparation is an essential part of execution.

I didn’t plan this story for the last day of 2013, but it’s a great fit. For those of you thinking about how to make 2014 a happier year, taking the time to prepare and plan is an essential part of being able to execute your aims. I’ve become more and more convinced that mindfulness and planning are keys to happiness–and habits.

How about you? In your life, have you seen how preparations, or rituals of preparation, have helped you to do your best?

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  • peninith1

    So fascinating you hit on the, Gretchen. I have been reading through a book that argues one of the reasons we so often fail at exercise and weight loss programs is that we do not take time for all the phases of mental activity that have to be part of permanent change–‘precontemplation and ‘contemplation’ even before preparation and FOURTH, action! Very interesting concept. I am in full cry ‘action’ anyway, but I’m trying to go back and get my mind ready to sustain what my willpower probably can’t keep up forever without help from a consciousness that is fully prepared to handle setbacks.

  • Jay

    Interesting. And interesting comment Peninith1.

    I agree that preparation aids success. I often take a long mental lead up to embarking on something new like learning a new skill or forging a new habit – a lot of thinking, planning, preparing, talking, listening and a LOT of reading. It’s the thrill of a new interest and needing to know everything about it mixed with perfectionist tendencies perhaps – not wanting to risk starting something before I can be sure of ‘success’?

    However I do sometimes focus on preparation for so long that execution comes too far down the track (that’s something I remember from university – a poster with a skeleton in contemplation with the slogan ‘Paralysis by analysis’). Maybe it’s not paralysis, and there is such happiness in planning, but I wonder whether sometimes it might be best to dive in and Just Do It.

  • Interesting post. Preparations holds a big part of our success for it helps us achieve everything we want in our lives. Do you have books for this kind of articles? I want to read more of your stories.

  • Lisa Ham

    So true! Both mentally and physically, the preparation is crucial. I am often struck by how so often, the preparation for a project takes so much longer than the action itself: cleaning and moving furniture and draping and taping before painting; estimating and measuring out the yarn and warping the loom for a weaving project; even the prep for some medical tests and procedures!