Secrets of Adulthood: You Know as Much as Most People.

From Further Secrets of Adulthood: You know as much as most people.

“I know as much as most people” is something that I remind myself when I’m confounded by an instruction manual, or by an app, or by some procedure I’m supposed to follow, or when I don’t know the meaning of a word, or I haven’t heard of some “well-known” figure.

I remind myself that if I can’t figure something out, I shouldn’t beat myself up about it.

This Secret of Adulthood is important to me, because I’m often reluctant to admit that I don’t know something or don’t know how to do something. I think I “should” know. This often happens so quickly that I don’t realize that I’m consciously doing it — only later, I think, “Why didn’t I ask…?” or “I never did quite understand…”

Now I remind myself: I know as much as most people, so I shouldn’t feel sheepish about asking about things I don’t know.

Do you do this?  Try to cover up a lack of knowledge?

  • Amanda

    I love following your blog, and this is definitely a post that I can relate to. As a perfectionist, I often feel like I cannot ask questions for fear of revealing my lack of knowledge. If there were one skill I would like to improve on in my life, it would be asking questions (and allowing myself to ask them). And to accept that not all questions I ask will be “good” questions as well as to remember that there is no such thing as a “bad” question.

  • Jade Spilka

    This post was particularly helpful to me because I am a college freshman still figuring out how to “adult.” I have to call my mom several times a week to ask her questions and I get nervous about not understanding so many “normal” tasks and duties in life, but I have to remind myself that I know as much as most freshmen.

  • A Dare

    I’m reaching a point in my life, where I’m just figuring this out. It’s strangely relieving.