A Little Happier: People Do Best What Comes Naturally. Agree?

Do you agree, that people do best what comes naturally?

As I mentioned, I came across this story when I was doing research for my short biography Forty Ways to Look at JFK. What a joy it was to write that book! Kennedy is such an enigmatic figure to me, even now.

It comes from Carl Sferrazza Anthony’s book, As We Remember Her: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the Words of Her Family and Friends.

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Happier listening!

  • Mimi Gregor

    Oh, I agree completely. Some things that I do easily and with alacrity (cooking, canning, writing) are things other people have told me, “Oh, I can’t do that — it’s too difficult/time-consuming/boring/whatever.” And it simply never occurred to me that it was any of those things. On the other hand, there are things that other people do with apparent gusto that I say those same things about (any sport comes to mind, as does knitting and sewing). In the end, we should cultivate that which brings us pleasure and avoid that which we detest. It’s a first step to a happy life.

  • Angela

    I would say that MAJORITY of people do best what comes naturally. But many people who achieved the most in their field did this through the deliberate effort to overcome the perils and difficulties. Sometimes it is a trap to think that if it does not come naturally then you will be no good in it. You can get very easily discouraged through such thinking.

  • Gessie Belizaire

    People do do best with what comes naturally and I think it is largely because it is natural to them. Some would even argue that its effortless to do what comes naturally to you. I agree with you also that it doesn’t mean that while you are doing your best at what comes naturally that you don’t have to work hard at it.