Do You Feel that You’re Growing in Mastery as You Grow Older?

“From the age of six, I had a passion for copying the form of things and since the age of fifty I have published many drawings, yet of all I drew by my seventieth year there is nothing worth taking in to account. At seventy-three years I partly understood the structure of animals, birds, insects and fishes, and the life of grasses and plants. And so, at eighty-six I shall progress further; at ninety I shall even further penetrate their secret meaning, and by one hundred I shall perhaps truly have reached the level of the marvelous and divine. When I am one hundred and ten, each dot, each line will possess a life of its own.”

–Katsushika Hokusai

I love this description of continuous growth and increasing mastery. Do you feel that in some aspect of your life, you’re doing a better job with time?

For happiness, an “atmosphere of growth” is crucial — of the Eight Splendid Truths, that’s part of #1.

  • MidwesternGirl4ever

    Yes, I think I am continuously improving at life. Instead of feeling sad about aging, which is the way I imagined I would one day, I feel happy about it because I seem to be improving. I am much happier now, than I was in my twenties, ironically. Every year seems to reflect improvements professionally and personally. I like your books, podcasts, and blog, because it offers time during the week to reflect in a meaningful and thoughtful way on how to be happy in a way that resonates powerfully. I spend time filling my life with all of my favorite people and activities. Your material is presented in a way that is very appealing to someone who majored in English, like me. So yes, I do believe aging presents the opportunity to continuously improve, almost like an app on your iPhone updating. I think it would be interesting to go back in time to college with all of the knowledge, wisdom, and confidence that I have gained from your work.

  • Padma Krishnan

    I loved reading this. sometimes, I do feel that
    there is no end…